Winter uniform

Parents and girls are reminded that after the May long weekend (this weekend), wearing  blazers to and from school is compulsory.

Girls may choose to leave their blazers in their lockers during the school day but must wear it when travelling to and from school. Girls may wear vests and jumpers under their blazer if the weather is particularly cold, but the blazer should always be the outer garment worn. Whilst not compulsory, girls may choose to wear the navy school stockings in the cooler weather but these must be in good repair, that is, free from holes and ladders.

It was pleasing to see the majority of girls with their school hats on as we gathered outside for our ANZAC Day ceremony earlier in the week however there were a number of students without a hat. All girls should be wearing their hat to and from school as well.

I have had reason to speak with a few girls this week regarding the state of their uniform – split seams and hems coming down.

Thank you for your support in ensuring your daughter is presenting herself well for school.

Andrea Reddan
Deputy Principal, Student Wellbeing