YGAP – Your chance to win $100 visa voucher

In support of poverty alleviation through education, Stuartholme will once again participate in the YGAP 5 cent campaign. The YGAP 5 cent campaign aims to reinstate the value of 5 cent coins and improve global access to education. By collecting the loose change which we would usually consider insignificant, our Stuartholme community can take a stand against the root cause of poverty. A handful of loose change could send a young girl to school, which will empower her to earn money, feed her family and defeat the poverty cycle.

In recognition of each person’s effort to collect change, every $1 raised will translate to two House points per person. These House points could be the deciding margin for the overall House trophy at the end of the year. Additionally, a $100 visa voucher will be awarded to the student or teacher who collects the greatest number of 5 cent coins.

So please support YGAP and your House by collecting your 5 cent coins and any other spare change you have laying around the house. We will be collecting and tallying everyone’s donations in the last week of Term.

The small change which we may consider insignificant could be life changing for a little girl in a disadvantaged community.