Years 10 and 11 Art students visit GOMA

The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.  The students in Year 10 and Year 11 Art visited the gallery last week.  The theme of the major exhibition is Sugar Spin which reflects on society’s search for ‘feel good’ experiences.  This theme is explored in a range of colourful, reflective and experiential ways with a large number of works to explore.

One of the installations that the girls were able to experience was a Left/Right Slide which has been re-created for this exhibition.  The public were asked to vote for their most favoured artwork from the last ten years and the slide created by Carsten Holler was selected.  Holler’s work considers our experience in riding a giant slide and ponders the contrasting emotions such as anticipation, fear, fun and relief.

Year 11 had, as their specific focus, a range of works which communicated the spiritual nature of our humanity.  Some of the gallery’s wonderful indigenous artworks were of particular interest to the girls and complemented their research for written and practical work for their folio, Beings of Spirit.

In reflecting on the artworks they observed and experienced, the students showed a good understanding of the artists’ different messages and of their own reactions to these.  The girls were hard working, respectful and punctual on their visit and were a credit to themselves and to the school.

Pierina Curties and Nan Chesterman
Teachers – Art