Year 9 Drama

According to anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem experienced by young Australians. Anxiety disorders are estimated to affect 1 in 5 females aged 16-24 years.  As educators we believe the importance of providing opportunities to build on students’ innate positive psychology, promoting feelings of connectedness to others and having a growth mindset are crucial to success.

In support of Stuartholme’s Wise Wellbeing program and the relationship the school has with our local community, Year 9 Drama students are creating a Verbatim Theatre experience on the theme of RESILIENCE.  Ms McGrath’s class listened to stories of overcoming adversity from Sr Rita Carroll rscJ and Sr Genevieve Bannon rscJ and interviewed aged-care residents of St Paul’s Villa, Bardon.  The kindness, wisdom and humour of the residents was appreciated and reciprocated by the girls.

Students were invited to also interview mature members of their own families, and use the real words of these real events to create a performance and ultimately share learnings of their own.



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