Year 8 geography students work with Canadian Professor

Two of the Year 8 geography classes were fortunate enough to gain a deeper understanding of new geospatial technologies currently being developed. Under the guidance of Professor Lynn Moorman from Mount Royal University in Canada, students were given a variety of data sets including elevation, precipitation and temperature. They then had to look at a two dimensional map of Australia and answer a series of questions. Once complete they had to answer similar questions on Canada.

Professor Moorman gathered data relating to student responses and noted the differences between familiar and non-familiar regions. Both Year 8 classes were able to interact with the models and gain a deeper understanding of the relationships that exist between different data sets as well as apply some of the concepts previously learnt.

Professor Moorman will soon return to Canada and conclude her research based on student responses and interaction. Hopefully, with this research the technology will become more accessible and improve the learning outcomes for all Stuartholme geography students in the future.

Sarah Adams
Year 8 geography teacher

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