Year 12 ACER Testing

On Wednesday 15 February, Year 12 students participated in the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) quantitative and verbal reasoning test. The 90-minute test contained approximately 75 items, similar to those on the Queensland Core Skills Test.

ACER Supervisors were keen to compliment the students at the end of the test, remarking positively on the students’ behaviour and attitude – the Year 12s should be rightly proud of this feedback. I wish to add my thanks to all students who participated. They were on time, helpful, responsible, and attentive. These are all wonderful traits we encourage in our Seniors.

The results from the ACER test will be released to the School and students in 4 – 6 weeks. We intend to use the results to inform our planning in a number of areas, including QCS preparation. More broadly, the data will be used by teachers as a planning tool, particularly in the areas of English, Humanities, Maths and Science. It will highlight the strengths of individual students and the cohort, as well as identifying areas that need further improvement.

Shannon Lacey
Director of Senior Studies

**Please see separate article below for information about QCS Parent Info Night change of date.