Year 11 Leadership Days

At the end of Term 2, Year 11 began the process of choosing the Leaders for 2017. External providers, Peer Power, were used to enable the girls to explore their attitude and perspective on leadership. The girls were asked to reflect on the importance of ‘leading a legacy’ on the foundation of Social Capital theory – that people and relationships are valuable. The girls responded positively to the sessions and were proactive in their approach and attitude to the activities.

One of the Leadership Days was an excursion to the University of Queensland, where the girls were involved in sessions organised specifically for them. They were given the opportunity to experience two of the activities of their choice.  The activities the university offered were in the areas of advertising, psychology, chemical engineering, archaeology and a tour of Duchesne College. They were also able to experience the beautiful surrounds whilst enjoying their lunch.

The girls represented themselves and the school very well and were commended by both the University staff and the Peer Power presenters as some of the best students they had dealt with to date. Well done ladies!

I will leave you with some of the girls’ reflections from the Leadership Days.

“I was questioning all of the things we were being told on the first day. Although when it all came together on the last day I realised the importance of what we had been taught. I’m going to try and be as involved as I can and also enjoy every moment.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed both days of the seminar, and I believe that it has helped me understand myself better. Most of the information about being a leader I didn’t know and I found the most helpful part was talking about being an interactive leader.”

“The ending and personality test really opened my mind, kept me engaged and actually changed how I view myself and how I come across to others. It has made me more aware of my interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities.”

Margaret Devlin
Leader of Student Wellbeing

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