Year 11 Business Management Field Trip – Southern Cross Austereo

Year 11 Business Management students are currently studying the unit ‘Marketing: Foundations and Fads’. To gain real-world insight into the world of market research, marketing strategy, advertising and sales, as well as current trends in the industry, we recently visited the offices and studios of Southern Cross Austereo, home to Hit105 and Triple M radio stations.

We had the opportunity to watch the Triple M team of Marto, Ed and Robin finishing off their breakfast program, before moving across to the Hit105 studio to meet Stav, Abby, Matt and Osher. The different target markets for each station were discussed and strong branding of both stations was evident throughout the studio.

It became very clear to students that Austereo is not just in the business of radio, rather has a range of media offerings and a capacity to reach 95% of Australians each week. Nicky, the Executive Assistant to the General Manager, organised a number of speakers relevant to our current assessment task, with engaging examples of current campaigns and how they were conceived. Emma, the Campaign Insights Director stated that they aim to “make fans for brands through entertaining and engaging ideas” and that “great ideas come out of understanding our audience”. A key message to our students was the importance of research and that “everything researched has to be sourced!”.

Sally Adams
Business Management Teacher