Touch football season kicks off

On Sunday 28 May, 10 Stuartholme girls dusted off their boots ready to participate and represent the school in the first competition of the Touch Football year. The competition was held at St Peter’s Lutheran College and consisted of four, twenty minute games that were played throughout the day.

It was an honour to captain the girls who supported me the whole way through and always had an amazing attitude and sportsmanship. The first two games were extremely close, with only one point between them; coincidentally the final score of both games was 3-2! We played hard and were able to come away with a win from the second match.

Unfortunately our next two games were against some of the highest ranked teams in the competition. While the scores were not as close, it was an awesome way for the girls to develop and pick up  new skills. I couldn’t have been more proud to have captained such a beautiful bunch of girls who were so positive and enthusiastic. The fact that 10 senior school students gave up a full day of their weekend during a heavy assessment period to play Touch makes me so thankful and excited for what this year will hold.

Without the help of many people this day would not have been possible. We would like to thank our patient and understanding coach Jane, our Year 12 Leader of Student Wellbeing, Mrs Devlin, who was there to support many of her senior students and provide us with some much needed shade and fruit, and finally the sports department who worked behind the scenes ensuring we were all enrolled and ready to play.

This competition was a great start to the season and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings the Stuartholme Touch community.

Macey Fegan, 2017 Touch Football Captain