Today is the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in our Church

If you look at our Stuartholme logo you will see two hearts in the centre.

One is the Immaculate heart of Mary distinguished by the sword that pierces it and the other the Sacred Heart of Jesus encircled by a crown of thorns. Today we focus on the Heart of Christ.

Sr Margie Conroy rscJ explains the importance of this symbol to us. “The heart is a symbol in every culture. It stands for the core, the centre, the deepest meaning of a person or an event. So you often hear, “let us get to the heart of the matter.” We are dedicated to the heart of Jesus, to the deepest meaning of him, to the core, the centre that gives his life meaning. That meaning is love, love that drove him to lay down his life for us, not only in his passion and death but during his life on earth and after his resurrection and now, in the Body, the Church, the People of God. To lay down your life does not mean just a violent death. It means spending your energy day after day caring for those you are with until after your life ends. We are called to become the Heart of Christ on earth today – all of us.”

We, as a community that contemplates the Heart of Christ, are called to live in love and to use this symbol as a source of strength, compassion and hope.