The Arts

Welcome to the Arts in 2017!

The Stuartholme Arts Department is a vibrant, energetic, creative and welcoming area made up of eight highly talented staff.

Their focus for the year is on a love of learning via dynamic teaching.  Each staff member is an experienced professional whose passion is the education of young women in the Sacred Heart tradition.

Although staff are specialists in their subject areas of Visual Art, Music and Drama, the team strongly believes in a collaborative environment, which enhances the learning outcomes for every student.

Current research advocates the importance of the Arts, which has shown to spark creative functions of the brain to build lateral thinking and form resilient individuals who will become innovative and confident problem-solvers of the future.

Our classroom teachers are:

Visual Art:  Nan Chesterman and Pierina Curties.

Music:  Andrew Mear, Danica Saal.

Drama:  Lucy Harkin, Jenny McGrath, Elyssa Hudson.

Art Assistant: Nick Olsen

The Team welcomes any questions, contributions, suggestions, comments or feedback. You can contact them via email:


Photo from left to right:  Lucy Harkin, Pierina Curties, Nan Chesterman, Danica Saal, Jennifer McGrath, Andrew Mear, Elyssa Hudson, Nick Olsen.