Tennis News

The season started off slowly, only kicking in at week 3 with one heat out in the first week and then a rain out in the semi finals which unfortunately put some of our teams out of the competition. However it’s fantastic that 7 out of 16 teams made it to the finals. Congratulations to the winning teams: the Intermediate B’s, Intermediate D’s Junior B’s and Junior D’s.

A big thanks to all coaches from The Gap Health and Racquet Club for their effort and time they put in each week. Also Mrs Ferguson and Mrs McMain for their contribution to organising this season, including managing teams, and training times.

Thanks also to Emma Haymen, who has inspired us all to become great tennis players, her dedication to Stuartholme tennis does not go unrecognised. Emma runs the afternoon squads, private lessons and cardio lessons. The introduction of cardio tennis this year was a huge success, focusing not only on our tennis skills but also fitness.

A special mention to Dennis whose continued support and words of wisdom mean a lot to the girls. This year marks his 30th consecutive attendance of the CaSSSa finals.

Finally, to all Year 12s: Amelia McMillian, Ellen Kneipp and Rosie Brodie who have all successfully completed five years of tennis at Stuartholme. I’m sure we can agree that it is truly the best sport at Stuartholme School and we are all very lucky to be part of such an amazing sport. I am definitely going to miss being a part of this atmosphere and all the girls who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through tennis.

Congratulations on the season, your sportsmanship and commitment was outstanding and I would 100% recommend continuing Stuartholme tennis.

Annabell Blair
Tennis Captain 2017


Winner Junior B
Jayde McCarthy 8
Eliza-Jane Sheehan 7
Ella-Jayne Meadows 7
Ciara Royds 7
Caitlin Wright-Smith 8
Mt Alvernia
Runner up Junior C
Genevieve Steffensen 7
Luanna Burchill 8
Kei Wynn 7
Revelle Rolfe 8
Winner Junior D
Harriet Tully 7
Sofia Mailli 7
Ashlie Beauchamp 7
Albie Woolcock-Egan 7
Mt St Michael’s
Runner Up Inter B
Ella Howie-Roy 10
Kyla O’Shanassy 10
Gabrielle Bailey 9
Eleanor Orchard-Gibb 10
Ella Lyons 9
Winner Inter D
Annabelle Hauff 10
Larnie Beauchamp 9
Kristen Robinson 10
Lucy Bond 10
Maya Lawback 10
Bridget Lloyd-Morgan 10
Runner Up Senior C
Claudia Tapsall 12
Rosie Brodie 12
Lucy Lloyd-Morgan 12
Alice Martin 12
Elyssa Teese 12
St Rita’s
Runner Up Open A Res
Ellen Kneipp 12
Emma Cheel 10
Alina O’Connor 12
Emma Cameron 12
Mt Alvernia