Teaching the Holocaust

Over the June holidays I attended a course at the Jewish Museum of Sydney called “Teaching the Holocaust” and would recommend this beautiful building to families when time allows on a Sydney visit – there are three floors of very powerful primary resources designed for both students and parents to immerse themselves in.

The two-day intensive covered topics such as the diversity of Jewish identity in our modern world and practical approaches to teaching the Holocaust within today’s subjects at secondary level.  Included in the program were several opportunities to listen to the thoughts of Jewish Australians living in Sydney today – including the newly ordained first female Jewish Rabbi in Sydney.

The photo shows me meeting three men who survived the Buchenwald Concentration Camp – they were interred when they were just 13 years old, for five years until World War II ended.  They came to Australia as part of a repatriation program in 1949 and are now very proud Australian great-grandfathers.

I felt very honoured and humbled to spend time with these survivors of the Holocaust and know that this course will positively affect my classroom teaching of these units.

Jennie Warrick
Year 7 Leader of Student Wellbeing