Taking on the challenges: Year 10 Emu Gully Camp

Emu Gully camp took the girls on a steep learning curve where they discovered in very practical ways the value of selflessness and team work which puts others first and results in optimising the chances of success.

Allocated to set teams, the girls were given the opportunity to work with and develop respect for girls outside their own friendship group. As the girls dragged themselves through waist deep mud they discovered the value of helping each other. As they carried a fellow student on a stretcher up and down steep inclines in the dark, they knew they had to work together to care for each other.  The values of perseverance, respect and cooperation were fostered as the girls discovered that success can be achieved by putting aside the focus on ‘self’ and reaching out to others.

The Emu Gully instructors set high standards and the girls initially struggled with the feedback that pointed to their failures, but they dug deep to discover that they did have more to give and, in a spirit of cooperation, could achieve their best; a very satisfying accomplishment.

The values encouraged throughout the camp are at the core of the Sacred Heart goals “to educate to the building of community as a Christian value” and “to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom”.  These experiences have laid the foundations for the girls to step into the development of leadership in their next two years at Stuartholme as a more united group with an understanding of team dynamics and a greater respect for themselves and their classmates.

Marilyn Byron
Leader of Student Wellbeing, Year 10

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