Subject support

Stuartholme offers a number of options to help students who need a little extra support.
For most subjects, students should speak with their teacher who can arrange a time during lunch or after school to work with them.

For maths and science, we offer set times where students can receive support with homework, assignments or general class work. These sessions are as follows:

Mathematics Department support

  • Any students in Years 7 to 10 are welcome.
  • Students in Years 11 and 12 are to email their own teacher and make an appointment if individual help is required.
  • Tutoring will commence 10 minutes after the start of lunchtime in Room R105. Try to eat your lunch before you attend tutoring please. If necessary, bring your lunch with you as it is important to eat!
  • Please be organised with your specific problems to help us run the sessions efficiently.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week A Ms Meehan Ms Hopkins Mr Spence

Mrs Holley

No Tutoring – Rest Day
Week B Ms Theodorou Mrs Rosenstengel

Mr Marshall

Mrs Bell

Ms Murtagh

No Tutoring – Rest Day


Science Department support

Week B Monday afternoon in the Library (JELC1) from 3.15 – 4.30pm. Staff are available to help with assignments, homework or general questions.

General support

The library is open until 6pm Monday-Thursdays and until 4.30 on Fridays.  Mrs Skinner and Mrs Gaggin, as Teacher-Librarians , offer assignment, research, homework, literacy and digital literacy help across all subjects and year levels.