Stuartholme welcomes ANZnet Exchange students

This week, Stuartholme girls are hosting 14 Years 8 and 9 exchange visitors from our three ANZnet sister schools, Sacre Coeur Melbourne, Kincoppal Rose-Bay Sydney and Baradene in Auckland. The girls are here to experience school life in another Sacred Heart School and to join us for the Madeleine Sophie Day celebrations, which we held yesterday.

Stuartholme currently offers a number of international exchanges to some of our sister schools in Europe, America, Canada and Asia for students in Years 10 -12, however we wanted to offer girls in the younger grades the opportunity to be part of the exchange program within our Australasian network of schools.

Later this term, Kincoppal Rose-Bay and Baradene are each inviting four Stuartholme girls from Years 8 and 9 to join with them for their Sacred Heart week celebrations and next term, Sacre Coeur is also inviting some of our girls to Melbourne on exchange.

On behalf of the school I would like to thank our host families and their daughters for the generous hospitality they are extending to our exchange visitors this week.

Kerry Moran
Student Exchange Co-ordinator