Science Snippets

Did you know that on this day 166 years ago, a total solar eclipse was first captured on a daguerreotype photograph (the first commercially successful photographic process used from 1839-1860) by Busch and Berkowski, at the Royal Observatory in Königsberg, Prussia (now Kalinigrad in Russia)? Or that seven years later fingerprints were used as a means of identification for the first time? Or that in 1866, the use of the metric system was authorised by act of Congress as legally acceptable weights and measures in the United States, though it was not made compulsory. {Funnily enough, over a century and a half later, the nation has still not converted to the metric system.}

Whilst today marks some important days in the history of science, much more is still to be created, discovered and explored! Make sure to check out the following upcoming events and important dates so you can get involved!!

  • The RoboCup Junior Australian Open Championships return to Brisbane on the 23 and 24 September 2017. Held at the UQ St Lucia campus, Robocup Junior is a project-orientated educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events designed to introduce RoboCup to primary and secondary school students. Check out their website for more details!
  • The 64th Queensland Science Contest is a great opportunity for students from Prep to Year 12 to have their scientific work judged for awards and prizes. Registrations for student entries in the contest are open until 9 October. Judging is on Saturday 14 October. If you’d like to enter, or just want some more information, contact Ms Macdonald.


National Science Week is also coming up soon! From 14-18 August (with the exception of 16 due to the exhibition holiday) the theme of “Future Earth” will be resonated throughout the school with various activities, experiments and events planned. These activities will be announced at Assembly the week before, so get excited!

Our first quiz back from holidays will also be available at lunchtime today! Open until 3pm on Monday 31, there is plenty of time to complete the five question quiz and potentially win a Freddo frog! Pop into the library to put in your entry!

Don’t forget that Science Help is held every Monday Week B after school in the library (JELC1). Ms Macdonald and Mr Marshall are there to help you with your science questions. Mr Marshall also holds Chemistry tutorials in S204 at Friday lunchtime (Year 12 is Week A, Year 11 is Week B).

Tessa Buzzo

UQ Science Ambassador 2017