Science Snippets

Were you aware that on 12 March 1755 a steam engine was first reported to be used in America? Exactly 168 years later in 1923 sound was first added to film in the motion picture, The Phonofilm? Now in 2017, a recent discovery shows that a prehistoric dinosaur sported modern looking feathers and Harvard Scientists turned hydrogen into a metal! Professor Isaac Silvera commented on this discovery, “It takes a tremendous amount of energy to make metallic hydrogen, and if you convert it back to molecular hydrogen, all that energy is released, so it would make it the most powerful rocket propellant known to man and could revolutionise rocketry. That would easily allow you to explore the outer planets.” How mind blowing is that?

Many scientists are revolutionising our world and the best part is you can too. Get involved by:

  • Attending SCINEMA:

SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to tell stories about the world, how it works, and our place in it. There are hundreds of science stories to be told on screen. Festival screenings will take place across Australia, with Brisbane screening at the Palace Barracks Cinema at Petrie Terrace. Book your tickets online here-

  • AYAF Brisbane:

The Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) is a five-day residential conference which provides students in years 11 and 12 the opportunity to investigate careers and pathways in the aerospace industry. The forum showcases university and industry opportunities available to students upon completion of secondary school. Applications close Friday 26 May 2017. Enquiries:

  • NYSF:

Applications for the National Youth Science Forum will also be closing on Wednesday 31 May. The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is a 12-day residential program for students entering Year 12 in 2018 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The NYSF program aims to show participants the wide variety of study and career options in STEM fields.

We also have a new Science quiz that you can be a part of here at Stuartholme. Starting on 12 May we will hold a fortnightly five question quiz where you can win… Freddo Frogs!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every Friday Week B, a new quiz will be available in the library to collect.
  2. The quiz consists of one true or false question, two multiple choice questions and two short answer responses.
  3. Once the quiz is completed, write your name and TMG on the top and leave your answer sheet in the box located in the library.
  4. Entries close the following Monday (Week A) at 3pm.
  5. The winners will be announced on the next Friday and will receive a Freddo frog.

I hope to see everyone joining in this quiz and winning some chocolate.

Bridie Nebe
UQ Science Ambassador