School funding update

This week, the Federal Government released information via the Quality Schools website which purports to show what federal funding flows to our school.

We would like to make you aware of some issues with the figure listed for Stuartholme School.

The model used to generate the figures does not accurately show actual funding received by our school.  The 2017 figures for our school have been generated using projections and assumptions which the Government has not fully disclosed to Catholic School Authorities. The projections must therefore be viewed with considerable caution.

Furthermore, the Government’s projections do not take into account the way Catholic schools operate as a system.  The Government recognises the benefit of local knowledge and allows the Catholic sector to redirect funding to ensure that these locally identified areas of particular need for students and schools are most appropriately supported. This enables our Catholic systems to most effectively provide students in all our schools with the best possible opportunities for success.

What does this mean?

The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) receives all the funding from the Federal Government. QCEC then uses its own methods to calculate the appropriate funding per school. The figure on the Quality Schools website is most likely not the figure Stuartholme School will receive.

Where to from here?

QCEC is still waiting for more detailed information. Until that is received, our advice to parents is to wait until we can release the final figure rather than relying on information from websites which are not accurate.