Rowing regatta results and videos

Congratulations to our rowers who had another great regatta over the weekend.

The girls won seven 1st places and six 2nd places. 13 out of  17 crews finished in the top 2 – a great result.

Well done to all the girls on managing some tricky conditions and competing so well in every race. There are some really close races and the Stuartholme girls are passionately racing all the way to the line each weekend.

Below are all the results.

Only three regattas to go, with Head of the River on 27 August! We hope to see you there girls!!

A huge thank you to those girls who have already been so proactive and signed onto the Head of the River bus. Your support of your friends is absolutely wonderful.

Matt Marden, Director of Rowing

Results from 1 August 2016

Year 8 5th Quad – 7th place

[Mimi Hoffman Yr 9, Paris Geoghiou, Sophie Taylor, Kate Godden, Mia Vojacek]

Year 8 4th Quad – 2nd place (Video:

[Becca Brown, Halle Venamore, Gabby Bailey, Millie McDonnell, Mai-Lyn Foong]

Year 8 3rd Quad – 2nd place (Video:

[India Timms, Ursula Horgan, Erin Tucker, Cameron Woodley, Isabella Crema]

Year 8 2nd Quad – 2nd place (Video:

[Aerin French, Claire Cameron, Estella Berghan, Grace Graham, Emily Sullivan]

Year 8 1st Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Charlie Stock, Lucy Baker, Ruthie Heagney, Erin Lafferty, Claire Loughman]

Year 9 5th Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Leilani Rennick, Imogene Edwards, Emily Cronin, Kiera Wilkinson, Mimi Hoffman]

Year 9 4th Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Ella Chapple, Milly Starky, Emma Cheel, Kate O’Donoghue, Eva Wallis]

Year 9 3rd Quad – 2nd place (Video:

[Rose Besley, Holly O’Shanassy, Harriet O’Neill, Mim Walton, Ella Howie-Roy]

Year 9 2nd Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Zara Munro, Jess Hardman, Ella Taylor, Eleanor Orchard-Gibb, Charlotte Walker]

Year 9 1st Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Kyla O’Shanassy, Sophia Tully, Zara Wareham, Emma Tucker, Issy Mailli]

Year 10 3rd Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Harriet Williams, Ema Stebbins, Roanna Trott, Loren Duggan, Ella Williams, Ava Lambert]

Year 10 2nd Quad – 1st place (Video:

[Isabelle Townsend, Lily Chapman, Liliain Houston, Isabel Johnson, Sophia Woodard]

Year 10 1st Quad – 2nd place (Video:

[Harriet Donaldson, Sophie Marriott, Elke Marriott, Genevieve James, Grace Gaston]


Senior Four – 2nd place

[Maggie Bell, Emma Cameron, Ashling O’Sullivan-Koehler, Riannah Burns, Annabelle Blair]

Senior 3rd 8 – 6th place

[Ellen Kniepp, Maddie Holder, Issie Holder, India Williams, Holly Richardson, Ruby Iles, Hannah Dyer, Lily Daly, Emma Ross]

Senior 2nd 8 – 6th place

[Luci Erratt, Jess Schwarz, Georgia Frank, Charlotte Rumble, Georgia Cohen, Issy Evans, Rosie Brodie, Kate Henderson, Jess Illidge, Ella O’Driscoll]

Open 1st 8 – 6th place (Video:

[Hilary Campbell, Georgia Patchett, Amelia McMillan, Emma Field, Jessie Macqueen, Mackenzi Wareham, Edina Trott, Lucy Theodore, Charlotte Sambell]