News from the Nest

From the Deputy Principal Boarding, Andrée Rice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is essentially a repeat of Friday’s News from the Nest since we are moving to this new format of school newsletter from this week.

When you see my name and title, you will open this to read what will now be a fortnightly News from the Nest.

As I write this, our 10s have just left for camp. I will be at the Year 12 Retreat next week from Monday to Wednesday and Miss Ellen will be the point of contact here in my absence. Please contact her on or ring Gayle Rush’s number (3510 6407) during working hours and Gayle will be able to assist you or pass on your message to myself and Ellen.

Week One has flown and the girls are happy and settled. There was a terrific sense of excitement when everyone returned and we are now back into the swing of study and sport and general school life! This is a busy term with camps, retreats and an increase in sports.

Photo and story of the week has to go to Annabelle Paterson and her family who went to extraordinary lengths to get back to school. This involved using a quad bike to get Annabelle and her garbage-bag wrapped luggage to a road that could then get her into Longreach. I hope you saw this terrific photo on the Stuartholme School Boarding facebook site. Please contact if you would like to join this closed group.

We are excited to welcome five new students: Anny Deng, Vivian Hu, Crystal Gao, Loretta Chen and Lucy Bond as well as Emily Woodward, exchange student of Lucy Lloyd-Morgan. Our new staff are: Miss Claire, Miss Hudson and Miss Hannah.

Congratulations must go to the rowers for their participation in the camps that went on for most of the holidays. All girls put in a massive commitment and did so with such a positive outlook that they put the rest of us late morning sleepers to shame!   Special congratulations to Sophia Tully who was selected to be in the Met West rowing team!

Lots of our girls were on the Antiquities trip to Greece and Italy and they had a wonderful time and were very well behaved and a credit to their families and the boarding community.

Big news this week is that we are launching REACH next week, our online leave system. Please read the attachments to this letter which tell you how to download the application and how to use it. Miss Ellen has been most capably testing it and preparing for it. Next week, can you please put your weekend leave in using REACH. You will need to follow the instructions on the attachments in order to do this. Please let Ellen know on if you have any problems.

Christmas-in-July-2On Tuesday night we had a Christmas in July themed dinner which was great fun with the girls dressed in a Christmassy theme. Other recreation for the weekend included BGS senior social Saturday night and a games afternoon with Nudgee here on Sunday afternoon.

It is wonderful to hear that a lot of you have received lots of rain. I know that some of you still have not so we will keep praying it comes your way! I hope to see many of you during the term but please know that I always welcome communication with you. It is of the utmost importance that I know anything you are concerned about or just any feedback you would like to give us.

New parents, please do not hesitate to ring me or email on

Melissa Robinson is the Assistant Head of Boarding in charge of Years 7 and 8 (

Catherine Sagin is the Assistant Head of Boarding in charge of Years 9 and 10 and international students (

Ellen McLean is the Assistant Head of Boarding in charge of Years 11 and 12 (

Here’s to a happy and successful term working in partnership with you.

Warm regards,