News from the Nest

Dear Parents/Guardians

It is hard to believe we have only four weeks left until the end of Term! The girls are well and truly into an intensive assessment period but they are managing well and also enjoying the many other facets of school life.

A big congratulations to our rowers on their performance in the Indoor Rowing Championships this week. Special congratulations to Nina Clarke and her Year 8 team who won 2nd place, to Millie McDonnell and Lucy Baker and their Year 9 team who won 1st place, to Sophia Tully, Harriet O’Neill and Patti Macqueen whose Year 10 team won 1st place and set a new record, to Harriet Donaldson and her Year 11 team who won 1st place and set a new record and to Jessie Macqueen and Rosie Brodie whose team won 1st place and set a new record in the all age relay! We are so excited for you girls that your dedication and commitment has paid off.

I would also like to congratulate the boarders who were awarded Blue and Green Ribbons this week at our Madeleine Sophie Day Mass. Congratulations to Marina Bishop, Macey Fegan, Ellen Kneipp, Lucy Lloyd-Morgan, Jessie Macqueen, Alice Martin, Annabelle McLellan, Lizzy Ostwald, Lucy Bond, Kate O’Donoghue, Harriet O’Neill and Cate Ostwald. These ribbons are an important symbol of being a Sacred Heart role model and leader. They are very well deserved and the Boarding Community is so proud of these girls.

This week we also celebrated the very special ritual, Procession of Lanterns, which is a ritual of light that all Sacred Heart Schools in Australia participate in on the eve of St Madeleine Sophie Day. It is magical seeing the boarders weave in and out of their pews carrying a candle, their own signs of light and love. This is a memory the girls will never forget!

A couple of logistical points for your attention please:

  • End of Term leave needs to be in by 9 June. Please note classes are compulsory up until 3 pm on Thursday 22. The Year 11s have an important day on the Thursday, Harmony Day, which is a chance for them to showcase their leadership and service qualities so it is imperative that they are present that day. All leave that is three days earlier than June 22 needs Principal approval.
  • We are getting too much weekend leave that is late in. This makes our job very difficult and we might have to start saying no if we continue to get too much late leave. Leave has to be in by Thursday morning at 9 am. This is when Miss Ellen arrives at school to start processing it.
  • We did a room check this Term to see if girls had unapproved medications and we found a huge amount of Panadol and Nurofen in rooms which we took, named and have stored in the Health Centre. No girl is to have unauthorised medication in her room. This is a condition of boarding enrolment and is for the safety of your daughter.
  • Next Term, I am going to enforce a strictly controlled food/snacks policy in terms of food stored in the dorms. The girls will only be allowed one sealed plastic container of non-perishable food/snacks. The amount of food some girls are bringing in is unacceptable. I would appreciate your support with this.

In terms of staff news, Miss Erin will be finishing up this week and we will greatly miss her calm and warm presence upstairs. We are very lucky to have Miss Ursula re-joining us to replace Miss Erin and it is lovely seeing her sunny face through the corridors once again.

Once again, please be in touch if you have any concerns about your daughter or if you would like to give me any feedback about how she is going in boarding. Overall, it has been a great Term and the girls are in really good spirits. I trust that you are also! (Hope you enjoy the photos from Marist who visited us last Sunday!)

Andree Rice
Deputy Principal, Boarding

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