News from the Nest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are now halfway through the term! One highlight of this job is that no day is ever boring and something funny or lovely happens regularly! Even hearing the girls’ “Hi Ms Rice, how was your day?” is enough to light up my evening. On Wednesday we celebrated Ash Wednesday with a beautiful Mass and I know that many of the girls are planning on giving up something for Lent. It might be a negative habit or it might be something they are going to go without in order to give the money to Project Compassion and Caritas. I have told the girls if they successfully give up something BIG for Lent like Facebook or their phone, I will make a donation to Caritas on their behalf! I have to have hard evidence though of task accomplished! Have a chat with your daughter about what she is planning to do this Lent.

Our Recreation Program run by Miss Claire Lawler includes some socially just activities most appropriate for Lent such as Op Shopping in Sherwood last weekend. This Friday night, our senior boarders have been invited to help at a disco for disabled people called ‘Big Night Out’. We are going to Marist on Sunday for Mass and dinner, departing here at 5pm and returning at 7.30pm.

Many assessments are now approaching for the girls and we are reinforcing strict and controlled study times. Please do not contact your girls from 5-6pm and 7.15-8.30pm when they are studying. Year 7s have a slightly different schedule and they finish second study at 7.45pm.  No girls are allowed to be on their phones or emailing for social reasons during study. We are very pleased with the way most girls are working, concentrating and seeking help when necessary.

Please note that we have begun an Academic Support Program for Years 10-12 boarders from Monday to Thursday nights from 3.30-6pm with qualified teachers and tutors. This service is free and only for boarders. It happens in the classroom opposite my office. On quieter nights for the tutors, we are opening this up to the younger girls so if you feel that your daughter would benefit from some additional help, please let me know.

You might have seen my post on our Stuartholme Boarding Facebook site that Mr John Coughlan, father of Molly (2013) and Lucy (2016) passed away unexpectedly late last week. He leaves five beautiful children and his wife, Geraldine. Please pray for John’s family at this time of immense sadness. John’s Requiem Mass will be at Marist Chapel today at 11am.

Boarder Leave

Can I continue to urge you to use REACH online for all leave requests? It is impossible for us to manage the leave of 140 girls without each of you playing your role in learning to use the new system.

Please contact Ellen McLean if you cannot access REACH and Ellen will guide you through the process, ensuring your password is working.

Please email and if you have leave queries after Thursday at midday when all weekend leave is due in.

You cannot rely on our personal mobiles or emails as we are not on call all the time as I am sure you appreciate. The use of these other emails ensures that whoever is on shift is contacted.

I appreciate your support in this matter and please note that if you send an email with a leave request rather than using REACH, you will probably be asked to re-submit it using REACH. That is unless it is a last minute request due to changed circumstances. We understand that this happens occasionally.


A friendly reminder about parking during school hours or before school on a weekday morning. You cannot park outside boarding reception on a weekday morning or during the day as all the parks in this area are allocated to teachers and to boarding staff. After 3pm parking here will usually be fine as are weekends and evenings.

During the day and in the morning, you will need to either get one of the visitor’s park as you go up the main driveway or use the oval parking. I apologise for this but there is not enough parking available close to the school. Please ask me about this if you are not sure about the areas that I mean! Your daughters will know and be able to help you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and your daughters a happy Week 7 next week.

Warm regards,

Andree Rice

Deputy Principal, Boarding

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