News from the Nest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the start of 2017 boarding life! For those of you new to our boarding community, welcome to the Stuartholme Boarding Family! I hope those of you who made it in on 23 January noticed all the bright new sofas and a fresh looking Nest. The girls have loved these additions as well as the new Year 12 ‘dream top’ mattresses!

Our relationship with you is crucial to creating a happy boarding daughter so do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or queries you might have. No question is a silly one and no concern will remain unresponded to. A reminder that Assistant Head of Boarding (AHB) Melissa Robinson is the Year 7 and 8 contact as well as for Sports, AHB Catherine Sagin is the Year 9 and 10 contact as well as for International Students and AHB Ellen McLean is the Senior contact as well as for REACH and music. Please email them directly on, for eg,

Mrs Gayle Rush is our wonderful Boarding Assistant and she can answer virtually any boarding question as well as looking after you if I am not available. Gayle’s email is Let Gayle know as soon as possible if you have not received the 2017 Boarding Community handbook or school calendar in the mail.

Please give us time to respond to calls and emails and do not think we have forgotten you if you do not hear from us immediately. With 140 boarders to care for, email traffic is high and we will get back to you as soon as we can and in order of priority. Thank you for your understanding.

We have been delighted with the start to the year ‘upstairs’ in the House. All 14 of our Year 7 boarders have settled in incredibly smoothly and there is a lot of happy chat on Cottesmore as well as adaptation to new routines and daily patterns. Our 15 new Years 8-11 boarders have also integrated very well and this is a credit to you, their families for preparing them for this transition. Our total number of boarders this term is 140.

We have welcomed five new staff members (Ms Nikki, Ms Jo, Miss Bridget, Ms Caroline and Miss Ellia) as well as welcoming back Ms Mary. We have farewelled our Recreation Officer, Miss Amy who goes to a job at Netball Australia and we congratulated Miss Claire on her appointment to this position.

Ms Sharpe described the Boarding House last week as the happiest place in the school and it certainly has that vibe at the moment. Our Boarding Captains and Mentors have stepped into their new roles and are doing a great job at leading with a spirit of service and gratitude. Well done to Tessa, Rosie, Jessie, Angel, Macey, Lucy, Lizzie and Annabelle.

This weekend’s Recreation Activities include a swim and BBQ at school with BGS on Friday night (free), Lion King Karaoke Saturday night (free) and a trip to GOMA on Sunday (bus cost only). How Recreation charges work is that the girls are notified what the cost will be beforehand for various activities and they have to pay this before Thursday night (in cash) to Miss Claire. Only bus charges or transport charges for Rec are billed to your school account. Please email Miss Claire on if you have any feedback or questions regarding Rec.

Please note that Mass is compulsory for all boarders and is at 5pm in the Chapel each Sunday. The girls have to be smartly attired for Mass, just as for our Family Dinners. You are always welcome to join us for Mass or dinner on Tuesdays.

The School Shop has introduced a credit card authorisation form that you can sign to charge costs of purchases back to you. Please email for more information about this or a form.

Please note that we have a strict policy regarding boarders NOT being allowed to travel in Uber taxis. We received legal advice on this from the Australian Boarding Schools’ Association.

REACH (for submitting online leave requests) is active again and new parents will have received REACH log in details from Miss Ellen McLean. Please contact Ellen to be talked through or sent REACH information. REACH is the online leave system that we require you to use – just like Marist and Nudgee. We ask that leave is submitted by 12.30 pm on Thursdays.

I hope that everyone in the country areas all received good amounts of rain over the holidays and that you are coping with the high temperatures! Enjoy the weekend and please stay in touch with us. Join our closed Stuartholme School Boarding Facebook group which is a wonderful way to see the weekly happenings in the House.

Warm regards

Andree Rice

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