News from the Nest

From the Deputy Principal Boarding, Andrée Rice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Census seems to have dominated our week. Luckily we chose to do paper copies and began the huge task of 152 girls completing forms on Monday night! Quite a few chuckles were had over the question of ‘inmates or residents’! The girls were very interested in the whole process and were conscientious in their approach. Interestingly, it was difficult to write property names and properties without street names; the questions seemed to be more focused for place of residence on urban dwellers. Thanks to Mrs Gayle Rush for being the official Census Officer at Stuartholme and to the team of supervisors who helped the girls on the night.

Melissa Robinson and Catherine Sagin are at the ICPA Federal Conference in Perth and they have met up with Stuartholme mums Julie Connelly, Donna Donaldson and Nikki Macqueen, Federal Publicity Officer for ICPA. We will hear more about the conference and issues facing our rural and regional families next week upon their return. We are very proud to have such involved parents advocating on behalf of rural families for equal educational opportunities and access for children. What incredibly important work! I invite you to watch a wonderful video from ICPA which was produced to raise awareness of the families who teach their children through distance education due to geographical isolation.

The Year 9 boarders received much praise from Ms Jennie Warrick for the way they threw themselves into their five day camp last week. Our girls felt they coped very well with the challenges of the camp which they described as more mental than physical. The Year 12s were wonderful on the retreat run expertly by the skilled and enthusiastic Director of Mission, Ms Sarah Daff. Thank you Year 12 parents for your contributions to the success of retreat. It is such a special experience and one the girls will not forget I am sure.

REACH is rolling out well and three quarters of you have submitted your leave via REACH in the last fortnight.  Thank you so much for embracing this change. Please email  if you cannot get onto REACH and need the information again.

A number of girls are off to the Nudgee Semi-Formal tonight and I know that they will have a lovely night and represent Stuartholme beautifully. Proud parents will see a lot of photos I am sure. It is always exciting when girls get dressed here for these occasions as the younger girls get so excited and love saying goodbye when they are on their way out, looking quite unrecognizable!!

20 girls went to the Ekka yesterday with Miss Amy and Miss Jen. The Kemps (Ally Kemp Year 12) run the animal nursery which I was excited to learn this week since it is my favourite thing about the Show! This weekend’s recreation activities include a Broncos vs Eels NRL Game at Suncorp on Friday night, Mentor-run activities for Years 7-9 on Saturday night and Olympics Viewing and Olympic themed games on Sunday morning with Nudgee here at Stuartholme.

The Olympics seems to be buoying everyone up as does the beautiful sunny weather in Brisbane. Spirits are high and although girls’ academic workload at the moment is fairly high, the girls are generally feeling good. A few colds are about but our wonderful Health Centre is fighting the good fight and ensuring the girls are well looked after.

Take care and stay warm. I hope some of you got to have a dagwood dog or strawberry ice cream and see the pink chickens at the Ekka, a fabulous Brisbane institution!

Warmest regards,


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