News from the Nest

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to Week 2 of the term, nearly Week 3! The girls have returned in a very positive and happy frame of mind and have settled quickly back into our routines and way of life. I was impressed to hear that so many girls worked hard over the break helping muster, fence and do a myriad of demanding physical jobs. No wonder that boarders demonstrate high levels of resilience and gratitude! I think they were pleased to come back to school for a bit of a rest!

We welcome three new students this term: Olivia Smith and Gabrielle Edwards in Year 8, Sarah-Jane Wagner in Year 11 as well as visiting exchange students, Meredith Wilson from Greenwich, Connecticut hosted by Tessa Buzzo and Mia Baker from Stone Ridge, Washington DC hosted by Macey Fegan. We also welcome Mimi Dignan into Year 7 for a short stay!

We have had two fantastic House Meetings since being back this term. We had a talk on cultural awareness and respect by Sgt Sarmiento from Indooroopilly Police and also Leilani Mackie and Kristin Sonk reflecting on their volunteering experiences in Nepal. Our meetings are run by the House Captains each week who meet with me weekly as do the Mentors to plan activities for the girls. They are currently getting the House organised to take part in Boarders Got Talent early next term as well as a Boarders’ Assembly Presentation on “who we really are!” Work-shirts and boots will certainly be coming out for this!

On the first Monday back, we had a Boarder Parent Network Meeting. Kristen Sharpe updated the group on recent school news and then I gave a Term 3 boarding report. You can read the document here and am happy to answer any questions you might have. Our big news from the meeting is that we are having an inaugural BOARDER PARENT GET TOGETHER BBQ on SATURDAY 12 AUGUST FROM 5-7.30 PM at the Café area at school. All boarders will be attending and we would love to see as many of you there as possible.

Payment for the dinner and drinks (including beer and wine) will be $30 per family (unlimited number of family members can be included) and payment is via the school portal.

Choose Boarders’ Miscellaneous from Stuartholme School – Events when paying in your $30. Can you please do this by Monday August 7th.

Today we had Bridie Miller and Charlotte Gibson (Year 7) speak on assembly about our Strive to Be Kind Day which is a state-wide day in memory of Alison Baden Clay, a Brisbane mother who died under tragic circumstances but whose qualities of kindness have been heralded by everyone who knew her.   We thought that the whole concept of a day dedicated to random acts of kindness was wonderfully relevant to the Boarding House. The Year 7s and 8s will be giving out yellow hand-made flowers today to anyone in boarding that they see perform an act of kindness for someone else. Thanks to Mrs Melissa Robinson for her great initiative in this project.

Our best wishes are with our rowers now in this Regatta season as well as our debaters who are entering the finals stage of the year.

Boarding information:

  • A reminder that students are not allowed to use Uber taxis. No one under 18 is able to book or travel unaccompanied in an Uber taxi – this is legislated by Uber and the Australian Government.
  • Girls have been told that they cannot have soft drinks or fizzy drinks in their rooms or any food that does not fit into a small sealed Tupperware container – random cupboard checks will be carried out to make sure that girls are complying to this.

Landline Numbers

  • Reception 3510 6438 (clicks over to upstairs post 8.30 pm)
  • Amiens Floor 3510 6462
  • Amiens Office 3510 6429
  • Grenoble Floor 3510 6458
  • Grenoble Office 3510 6452 (currently out of action)
  • Cottesmore Floor 3510 6486
  • Overnight Supervisor New Mobile: 0419 702 711


Take care and be in touch if you have any feedback or concerns.

Warm regards

Andree Rice
Deputy Principal, Boarding

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