NAPLAN online – public demonstration site

Over the next two to three years all NAPLAN testing will be moved online.

The National Assessment Program (NAP) recently released a public demonstration of the NAPLAN online website where teachers, students and parents can try the online testing.

A key feature of the new testing is that it will be tailored to each student – this is how NAP describe it:

  • Assessments will use a tailored test design. Students will answer an initial set of questions and then be directed to subsequent sets of questions based on the accuracy of their responses. Students with a high number of questions correct will be directed to more challenging questions. Students who have a lower level of accuracy in the initial set of questions will be directed to questions that are less challenging.
  • Tailored testing will provide teachers and schools with more targeted and detailed information on their students’ performance on the tests.

To find out more about the online testing and try the demonstration click here.