Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Care Givers and Friends

Welcome to our new format Newsletter. This newsletter is a work in progress and will evolve and improve from fortnight to fortnight. The most significant purpose of reviewing our Bulletin/Newsletter is to improve our communication with parents. The staff and students have avenues to enjoy our successes and achievements through Staff Briefings, Daily Notices and Assemblies. However, much of what makes Stuartholme special is not always shared with parents. Communication is the key to community building, so we are endeavouring to share more of our good news.

At our Assembly on Friday, I encouraged our girls to reflect on the first half of their year and acknowledge their achievements and successes and also to identify what they would like to improve on for the remainder of the year. I’m not speaking only of academic learnings, I also hope they consider their relationships and their self-understanding. Half way through the year is a good time to reflect and give thanks and to steady ourselves to address what we want to achieve by the end of the year.

In the last week of Term 2, I travelled to St Charles, Missouri to attend a Leadership Seminar and the ‘Roots That Give Us Wings’ Conference. The United States and Canada have a network of 26 Sacred Heart Schools. These schools benefit from a rich culture of sharing resources and a supportive network. The keynote speakers and presenters challenged our educational philosophies and stimulated much discussion, especially among the Australian and New Zealand Principals. The ‘Roots That Give Us Wings’ Conference was of particular interest for me, as I learnt more about our three ‘foremothers’ and their legacies: Madeleine Sophie Barat, our spiritual founder, Philippine Duchesne, our courageous missionary and Janet Erskine Stuart our educational leader. This professional and spiritual journey has stimulated much thought, particularly about the formation of staff and students in the Sacred Heart ethos.

After our three week winter break, I believe staff and students are refreshed and invigorated, ready for our new semester and the challenges that come with new learning. Once again, I welcome you to our new format Newsletter and look forward to Semester 2, 2016.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe

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