Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

As many of you will know, on Tuesday 22 November, we lost a special member of our community, Fr Peter Quin. Fr Peter was the parish priest at St Ignatius Parish, Toowong and celebrated many masses with our whole-school community and our boarders on a Sunday afternoon.

Sarah Daff, Director of Mission and Andree Rice, Deputy Principal Boarding wrote a reflection on Fr Peter.

Fr Peter was the epitome of a pastoral priest! He was so inclusive that he used to invite the entire school up to the altar during the Eucharistic prayers, completely oblivious to the havoc that could ensue! He quizzed the girls on the Pope and Archbishop’s names and once the Pope became a Jesuit, Fr Peter was in paradise!  He also loved giving blessings at Communion time so that everyone would feel included. We remember crowds of girls moving around whoever was giving out Communion so that they could receive a blessing from Fr Peter who would say, “Jesus is your friend.” Fr Peter would always tell us not to worry when the Archbishop was coming and he could see how anxious we were that things went perfectly. He would just say, “I will deal with him!” Fr Peter’s loveliest times were with the Boarders at Mass on Sunday nights. He would often ask us to close our eyes and to imagine how lovingly God was looking at us right at this moment; he told us time and time again that Jesus is our companion, never far from us, walking every step of the journey with us. Fr Peter’s God was like a huge hug, accepting of everyone, making everyone feel good in their own skin. He gave the boarding community a great gift through his presence and we will never forget him. We are sure that he is making God laugh right now, just as he made us laugh, all the time. May God hold you, Fr Peter, in the palm of God’s loving hand. Until we meet again.

Sister Rita Carroll, rscJ also has a special reflection.

Father Peter, as the students knew him, was much loved at Stuartholme. They loved the way he would invite members of each class to stand around the altar with him during the consecration and his readiness to make the liturgy meaningful for them. The Boarders in particular loved Father Peter as he often celebrated a ‘last call’ Sunday Mass for them in a more informal setting. If Pope Francis had seen him interacting with the children in the Parish and our students he would have recognised him as a pastor who ‘had the smell of the sheep’…or perhaps in this case the lambs.

Eternal Rest.

This will be the last Newsletter for 2016. My wishes to you and your family for a holy and merry Christmas and I look forward to welcoming our students back in 2017.

We will also welcome some new staff to Stuartholme and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you.

  • Fabrice Alleaume – Teacher (French)
  • Nicole Bolton – Boarding
  • Timothy Butler – Teacher (Science)
  • Sue Harris – Leader of Student Wellbeing
  • Jodie Johnstone – Counsellor
  • Bridget Kenny – Boarding
  • Mizuho Major – Teacher (Japanese)
  • Joanne Mayhew – Boarding
  • Len O’Brien – Casual Bus Driver
  • Ellia Swepson – Boarding (past Stuartholme pupil)
  • Caroline Young – Boarding

God bless,

Kristen Sharpe, Principal