Message from the Principal

Dear Parent, Caregivers and Friends,

As I have communicated with you last week, John Fitzgerald, Stuartholme School Business and Operations Manager, passed away. I feel it is important to acknowledge the man that has made such a significant difference in his three years with us. John was a strong and steady steward of our community; he was stoic and treasured, making a difference in in his quiet and modest manner.

John championed and saw to fruition many improvements at the School:

  • The refurbishment of the 5 Science laboratories
  • The creation of the Year 7 Boarders’ dormitory
  • Relocation and fitting out of the new School Shop
  • The complete overhaul of 7 classrooms on Level 1 and 6 classrooms on Level 2 in the Renard Building
  • The refurbishment of 5 classrooms in the Spruson Building
  • The completion of the long awaited new road system linking the School with Sir Samuel Griffith Drive and the oval, including the completion of the new oval car park
  • The complete overhaul of the administration areas and new staff work room and lunch room
  • The replacement of the Spruson Building roof
  • The ongoing improvements of the Stuartholme gardens.

John not only leaves us with an improved school, his legacy shall be a guide for future improvements to Stuartholme’s built and natural environs in our years ahead.

We remember John and his family in our prayers and we unreservedly express our gratitude for his presence with us. We, Stuartholme Community, are in a better place because of John Fitzgerald.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe


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