Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

Cultivate the wish to learn, rather than the wish to be taught. Be determined to “pick up” and do not wait for the Professor and the pedagogical devices of his or her craft…Do not think that lessons will do it, if you wait for lessons you will wait a lifetime…If we wait to be taught, we shall never learn.”  Janet Erskine Stuart

Courage, hard work and active learning is what we celebrated at our Academic Assembly on Friday 4 August. We acknowledged our Semester 1 2017 highest achievers and those students who achieved significant academic improvements.

Our Teachers’ Professional Learning has been focused on identifying areas where we need to improve our teaching and learning. A significant effort will be centred on writing new Junior and Senior Programs in readiness of the new External Examination System for implementation in 2019 and 2020. We are ensuring our junior programs are readying our students for the new Senior system. On Monday evening, 7 August, our Academic Services Team presented information about the new External Exam System. Click here to view the presentation. Further information is available in the QCAA website, which contains links to all the new syllabus documents and additional information.

For the last 4 weeks of Term 3, three members of the Leadership Team are going on Long Service Leave, Sporting Representation Leave and Medical Leave. Consequently, promotional opportunities have arisen. And of course, our dedicated teachers have applied, been interviewed and awarded Acting Leadership Team roles. As a result of teachers stepping up in these Acting roles, there will be some changes to their timetables for the last few weeks of the term. We have made a concerted effort not to impact on Year 12 classes. We congratulate Sarah Daff, Jarod Costantini and Katie Dummett. Alex Cashin is acting Deputy Principal Staff Wellbeing and Administration for Term 3.

Our Year 10 students enjoyed their camp late last month, and today we welcome back our Year 9 students from camp. Camps provide an invaluable opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and one another while they undertake fun and, at times, challenging activities.

The NAPLAN 2017 results are being analysed by Ken Turnbull, Deputy Principal Learning, and Michael Elliott, Director of Junior Studies. In our initial assessment of our results, we are very excited with the significant growth from our Year 7 results of 2015 and our Year 9 results of 2017.

Our Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 is taking shape. After a significant collection of data, we have finalised the areas of Mission, Teaching and Learning, Student Wellbeing, Professional Learning and Boarding. The area of Future Development requires further analysis and data collection, considering the impact of government funding cuts of Gonski 2.

Our Cocurricular calendar is very full. As a result of lots of hard work, we are enjoying successes in a diverse range of activities – rowing, netball, debating and music. Our Music teachers, tutors and students are undertaking serious preparation for the Queensland Catholic Music Festival. We offer all our sports women and musicians our admiration, support and best wishes.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe