Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

During Term 1, we have collected an enormous amount of data from a range of sources. One of the most significant being our Community Surveys. I thank the 236 parents, the 592 students and 80 staff members who contributed to our online survey. From your feedback we have been able to identify our strengths and the areas we will address in our Strategic Plan.

Our strengths were identified through numerous sources and aligned with our Community feedback:

  • Our community is proud to be part of Stuartholme and would recommend us to their friends. Students, teachers and parents all express their pride and appreciation of connection to the school, and of the calm, nurturing and supportive atmosphere.
  • The rich history of the school creates the vision for education as articulated by the five Goals of Sacred Heart Education. The ethos of Cor Unum permeates school culture and life, and frames the holistic educational experience of students. Stuartholme provides meaningful opportunities for spiritual development and opportunities with engagement for social justice issues.
  • Student wellbeing is a key strength of the school. The school places great emphasis on the wellbeing of students. The inclusive culture of the school is evident. The school actively seeks ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing. It is clear that there are strong and positive relations between all members of the school community.
  • Our community is satisfied overall with the standard of education achieved at Stuartholme School. The school has sustained very high levels of academic results for its Year 12 students.
  • The school facilities are rated highly by our parents and students.
  • The staff of the school is highly experienced and deeply committed to the school. Students and parents alike speak very highly of teachers’ knowledge of their subject matter, and the quality of care shown.
  • Our Boarding community are deeply satisfied with our Boarding House and its inclusive welcoming nature.

These are the values and achievements we need to hold dear or make ‘sacred’ as we move forward with our improvement agenda.

Our emerging Strategic Plan will address the areas which we have identified in need of improvement. You can read my overview of these areas in my presentation at the P&F meeting on 8 May. I will expand on these deficiencies in my future newsletter articles. I am keen to provide an information evening that will launch our Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 and offer strategies for moving forward in the next three years to address these growth areas. If you would be interested in attending a launch of the Strategic Plan, please register your interest with Kate Gilmore, Communications Advisor.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe