Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

On Monday we celebrated ANZAC Day with a school Liturgy. The school community remained sombre throughout the Liturgy, respecting the importance of the day as we remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. The school community, over 750, moved in silence and in reverence to our Outdoor Learning Centre where Lucy Lloyd-Morgan, our Cor Unum Head 2017, and I placed a wreath. We are blessed to have a War memorial onsite which includes representations of the cliffs and trenches of Anzac Cove, our own Lone Pine tree brought from Gallipoli, a Peace Pole and a dove motif. All of these symbols help us remember the sacrifice others have made for the freedom of us all. This ritual of remembrance clearly demonstrates the respect and self discipline of which our girls are capable.

On ANZAC Day morning, I accompanied our Boarders to the Toowong War Memorial for the Dawn Service. It was a privilege to attend this service and to be part of the such a beautiful tradition. I was extremely proud of all the students who attended, they represented Stuartholme School beautifully, again expressing respect and reverence.

One of the reasons we celebrate the ANZAC spirit is because it reminds us of the mateship and good humour which we value so greatly as a country. In stark contrast and in true ANZAC spirit, the Boarders spend the rest of ANZAC Day in a more light-hearted way, with the annual ANZAC Cup. Congratulations to Grenoble House on winning the Cup this year, and to Amiens who won the Spirit Cup.

Our Boarders know when to be reverent and when to revel and roister. They transformed from solemn to ‘silly’ – a day full of fun.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe

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