Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

In the last two weeks of Term 1, we undertook a range of surveys about Stuartholme School. I would like to unreservedly thank you for your support in completing the online Parent Survey, or taking part in the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) Review.

Staff from the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) were thrilled with their experience at Stuartholme School. Two days of collecting your opinions, staff, students and Board Directors opinions as well, and one day of collating the data and providing feedback to the Leadership Team (LT) and the Senior Education Leadership Team (SELT).

The Leadership Team and I are invigorated as a result of the feedback. The feedback, which included commendations, affirmations and recommendations, will form the basis of our Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan and our Professional Learning agenda in the next terms.

Thank you to the parents who braved the weather on Thursday to attend our Parent Daughter Breakfast. With the announcement by the Queensland Government that Schools would be closed that day, I was unfortunately unable to attend the breakfast, instead, organising messages to parents and working with the Leadership Team to ensure all our students were safe.

We know a number of our Boarding families have been impacted by Cyclone Debbie, our thoughts and prayers are with them. With flooding now in and around Brisbane, we hope all our families are safe.

God bless and take care,

Kristen Sharpe