Message from the Acting Principal

Dear Parents, Friends and Caregivers,

The concept of leadership has been uppermost in Year 11 minds’ this week. Seven courageous young women nominated for the position of Cor Unum Head for 2018 and had to respond to an unseen question in front of their cohort at Mercy Place, Bardon. All the nominees conducted themselves exceptionally well and they all emphasised servant leadership when they spoke, a Christian model of leadership that we have chosen most deliberately to promote at Stuartholme. Thanks to Mrs Birgit Holley for the significant work she has done with the Year 11s this week to prepare them for leadership.

Servant leadership is:

  • about recognising our inter-dependence; it’s not about what ‘I’ can do but about what ‘we’ can do together for the good of each member of our community and society as a whole.
  • focussed on the needs of others not our own needs.
  • inspirational and passionate; Servant Leaders make a vision clear, they point out how we can get there and they take us with them on the journey!
  • a model of leadership which never gives up on any human being!
  • welcoming and hospitable.

The Year 11s lived out these understandings of servant leadership on the incredibly successful Harmony Day, run by Ms Sarah Daff, when they hosted our friends from Yeronga State High School and Milpera State High School. Many of these students are from a refugee and asylum seeker background and this day means so much to all three schools! It provides a day of inclusive, fun activities for our visiting friends, making them feel welcome in Brisbane and indeed, Australia, and it teaches Stuartholme girls about the strengths and learnings in cultural diversity. To use the words of the inspirational servant leader Pope Francis: “Remember that authentic hospitality is a profound Gospel value that nurtures love.”

As the Term draws to a close, I would like to thank staff, students and parents for their tireless efforts to support our young women so they can maximise their Stuartholme experience and edge closer towards the ‘best version of themselves’. We thank and farewell Mrs Maree Taylor (Marketing and Admissions Manager) and Mrs Anne-Gaelle Isautier (Accountant) who are leaving us in a week’s time. We thank teachers Mrs Leisa Taylor and Mr Bob Ulcoq who have been with us this Term. We will be welcoming Mr Richard Mollee, Science Teacher in Term 3.  To Mrs Margaret Devlin and our Year 12 students, we wish you a wonderful night at the formal!

I wish you a happy, safe and restful holiday period with your daughters.

God bless and warm regards,

Andree Rice
Acting Principal

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