Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Thank you all for your support over the past couple of weeks.

It has been truly heartening to hear and read your messages. It underlines the values of strength and faith that we teach and instil in all our students.

I am encouraged that the Stuartholme family is tight knit and I am greatly comforted in the support from our strong students, parents, alum, Board and staff.

We have little control over what the media writes but here are the facts.

At Stuartholme we adhere to the Church’s teachings.

Sarah Daff, our Dean of Mission, is a talented liturgist. When I spoke of her work to our full student body at assembly last Friday, our girls were overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic about how they experience God at Stuartholme.

What a privilege it is to belong to a faith community where the youth enjoy and embrace how we express our spirituality individually and collectively.

We are about empowering our girls to personally grow their own integrity based on Jesus’ teaching of ‘love one another’.

If our students are to survive in an increasingly challenging environment we must send them into the world with a strong sense of who they are as well as ensuring they have the moral and intellectual resources to achieve what it is they want in their life.

With this in mind I would like to address some misconceptions about the ‘pre-formal’ ritual.

Far from being a ‘tradition’ the presentation of formal dates to the principal was only introduced a few years before me.

It harks back to a different era that I feel no longer has a place in our forward-looking school.

I have met with all our Year 12 students and emphasised that their wellbeing now and into the future is at the centre of all the decisions I make.

In my conversations with our wonderful young women I was strongly reminded about why I love being part of our Stuartholme community! Their maturity, intelligence and sense of justice deserved to be named and claimed.

Our Cor Unum Committee’s theme is “Sisters Supporting Sisters” – building sisterhood, not tearing it down!

Like you, I am so proud of my class of 2019 – they will be fabulous compassionate leaders.

Take care and God Bless,

Kristen Sharpe



Key Dates


Key Dates

Tues 11-Mon 17 JuneYear 12 assessment block
Mon 17-Wed 18 JuneYear 11 Program 'To lead is the serve'
Tues 18-Wed 19 JuneYear 12 QCS practice test
Thurs 20 June Year 11 Harmony Day
Year 12 classes finish at 3pm
Fri 21 JuneYears 7-9 Parent Daughter Breakfast
Years 7-11 classes finish 12pm
Boarders travel day
Year 12 Formal
Sat 22 June - Mon 1 July Red Earth Immersion
Sun 23-Sun 30 JuneSki Trip (NZ)
Mon 15 JulyBoarders return
Boarder Parent Network Meeting 10-11.30am
Parents of Stuartholme meeting 6pm
Parent Teacher interviews 10am-8pm
Tues 16 JulySchool fees due
Wed 17 JulyCo-curricular photos
Fri 26 JulyStudent free day - Sacred Heart Conference
Mon 29 JulyYear 10 into 11 parent and student subject information session and Careers Expo 6pm
Tues 30 JulySt Ignatius Parish's Annual Women's Night of Spirituality
Stuartholme Chapel 7.30pm
Tues 30 July-Fri 2 AugustYear 10 into 11 SET Plan interviews
Wed 31 JulyYear 8 Retreat
Wed 31 July -Fri 2 AugustYear 9 Camp
Wed 7 AugustHarry Potter's Birthday party
Thurs 8 AugustYear 7 Grandparents' Day 9am - 12pm
Sat 10 AugustBoarder Families BBQ
Wed 14 AugustExhibition public holiday
Thurs 15 -Sun 18 AugustQld Catholic Music Festival
Thurs 22-Friday 23 AugustSenior Production
Tues 27 AugustYear 10 immunisations
Fri 30 AugustFathers' Day Event 5pm
Tues 3-Wed 4 SeptemeberYear 12 QCS test
Mon 9-Fri 13 SeptemberYear 12 assessment block
Thurs 12 SeptemberParent Information Seminar - Cultures of Thinking. Dr Ron Ritchhart 6-7.30pm
Mon 16-Wed 18 SeptemberYear 12 Retreat
Fri 20 SeptemberClasses finish 12pm
Boarder travel day
Sat 21-Mon 23 SeptemberSony Camp

Message from the Deputy Principal

Feedback and Reporting: 2019 As parents would be aware, this year Stuartholme introduced new feedback and reporting processes. Having implemented the processes for two terms, …


Message from the Deputy Principal

Feedback and Reporting: 2019

As parents would be aware, this year Stuartholme introduced new feedback and reporting processes. Having implemented the processes for two terms, the teaching staff have now met to discuss and reflect on their experiences so far. Parents were also asked for their feedback on the new system at this term’s Boarder Parent Meeting and the Parents of Stuartholme Meeting, both held in late April.

Overview of new system

The new system provides students and parents/carers with feedback in two forms:

  1. Feedback on individual assessment tasks
  2. An end of semester summary report.

1.      Feedback on individual assessment tasks

Teachers provide feedback on each summative assessment task, based on the following guidelines:

  • 3-5 written comments
  • a grade on a 15-point scale (A+ to E-) (Years 7-10, Year 12 and Year 11 Applied) or a numerical mark (Year 11)
  • a task-specific rubric based on the QCAA’s Standard Elaborations (Years 7 to 10)
  • feedback on the student’s effort and organisation for class (Years 7 to 10).

Following our review, comments will now appear on My Stuartholme within 10-15 working days of submission of the assignment or completion of the task.  If longer time than this is required, parents will be notified of the delay.

This is a slightly longer timeframe than communicated earlier in the year. This is because, with the demands of multiple classes or peak periods of assessment, it has been difficult to complete marking and moderation within a ten-day period. The additional time allowance ensures that teachers are able to accurately apply the standards and that rigorous, defensible moderation and confirmation processes have been undertaken.

As has occurred this year, teacher comments will focus on what the student has done well and the steps required for improvement. 3-5 comments will be written based on:

  1. how well the task has been understood or performed.
  2. how well the student understood the main processes required to perform the task.
  3. the student’s management of their learning – planning and self-monitoring.

Please note that there is no requirement for teachers to write full sentences – feedback may be provided using stylised fragments or even dot points.

Parental contact with teachers

With any academic concerns, the first point of contact for parents is the classroom teacher and the second point of contact is the Leader of Learning. If parents have concerns or questions about assessment feedback or results, they are asked to consider the following guidelines before making contact with the classroom teacher:

  • Teachers provide feedback to students to help them progress in their learning. Parents have requested access to the feedback so that they can better support their daughters in their learning.
  • In order to build students’ assessment capacity, autonomy and independence, as much as possible discussions about assessment feedback should be between the teacher and the student.
  • Where possible, students will be shown their assessment task in class at the same time as they receive their results. The marked assessment item may include annotations and comments and teachers will discuss the assessment with their class and with individual students where needed.
  • As results are based on the evidence provided within a piece of work, in addition to looking at the result, parents and students should also carefully consider the Standards Elaboration rubric (Years 7 to 10) and reflect on what further evidence would be required to progress in the criteria.
  • Before results are released, all teachers participate in a faculty-based moderation process which includes cross-marking of work to ensure the standards are being accurately, consistently and reliably applied.
  • Parents are asked to allow at least 48 hours before making either email or phone contact with classroom teachers. This provides an opportunity for students to approach their teachers first and for parents to discuss and reflect on the results, feedback and criteria with their daughters.
  • To maintain both privacy and academic integrity, student work and previous tasks will not be provided as exemplars. For these reasons, and additionally due to the potential work intensification implications for teachers, student assessment will not be photocopied, scanned or sent home.
  • When contacting teachers for further feedback, parents are asked to be respectful of the time constraints facing teachers. Responses to emails will be in line with the School’s communication policy and face-to-face meetings may not always be possible.
  • Parents and students should remember that the complexity and demands of assessment increase as students progress through year levels. It is not uncommon for results to change as the level of difficulty increases.

As students and parents will receive continuous feedback on individual assessment items, interim reports are no longer issued at the end of Term 1.

2.      An end of semester summary report

At the end of each semester, a summary transcript will be released via My Stuartholme. This will provide both a pastoral and academic snapshot of the semester.

Teacher Mentors will write a comment based on a range of areas including wellbeing, engagement across the School and co-curricular participation throughout the semester.  In addition, information will be provided on the number of days absent and the number of late arrivals and early departures.

The Academic Transcript will provide a summary of the semester’s learning including:

  • the student’s achievement to that point in time in each subject.
  • a graph reflecting the student’s position in the cohort.
  • a statement reflecting the student’s attitude to learning.

There are no written comments on the student’s learning across the semester as all written feedback is now provided in the form of assessment feedback.

Release of report summary

As Stuartholme’s assessment program continues until the last day of Term 2, the report summary will not be provided until Term 3. This is a change in previous practices. However, to ensure that all results are included in the report, and parents are provided with the most comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date results summary, time is needed at the start of Term 3 to collate the results and ensure the new technology runs without issue.  Reports will be released as soon as possible but by the start of Week 3.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the new reporting system, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Deanne Johnston
Deputy Principal







Message from the Dean of Mission

Over her time as Superior General, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat wrote more than 14 000 letters. Letter writing was central to her exercise of leadership …


Message from the Dean of Mission

Over her time as Superior General, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat wrote more than 14 000 letters. Letter writing was central to her exercise of leadership and allowed the Society of the Sacred Heart to remain as one body despite the distance that separated the Provinces. Sophie’s investment into fostering relationships and bridging communication barriers continues to be a central part of the Society’s charism. Our motto ‘Cor unum et anima una in Corde Jesu’ (one heart and one soul in the Heart of Jesus) highlights this. To live this out as a Sacred Heart family requires openness, mutual respect, an acceptance of differences and a willingness to share learnings and understandings through dialogue.

One of the ways our Australia and New Zealand Province continues to live out this motto is through our annual Sacred Heart Schools Conference. Each year one of the schools in this province hosts other educators from the other Sacred Heart schools in this area. Staff from Baradene College, Auckland; Sacre Coeur, Melbourne; Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sydney and Stuartholme join to share best practice and build collegiality. To do this, the conference consists of workshops delivered by staff from the different schools on current programs and initiatives in their school and talks from local and international guest speakers.

This year, Stuartholme has the pleasure of hosting the conference. On Friday 26 July and Saturday 27 July, Stuartholme will welcome over 40 staff from the region and deepen our understanding of how each school lives out the Sacred Heart ethos. The theme for the conference is ‘Competencies of Compassion’. Our guest speakers include Sr Maureen Glavin, rscJ and Dr Stephen Brown. Sr Glavin rscJ was the Head of School at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. The Academy was founded in 1818, when St. Rose Philippine Duchesne opened the doors of the log cabin school which was situated on the current Academy property. Dr Stephen Brown is a past member of our Stuartholme Board and is a director of a global professional services company; advisor to business and governments (nationally and internationally) on education; consultant and international expert on school leadership.

Due to the demands of the conference, Friday 26 July will be a student-free day. There will be no supervision available at school on this day as all hands will be on deck for the conference. We look forward to sharing our learnings with you and living out the Spirit of Cor Unum with our fellow Sacred Heart educators.

Sarah Daff
Dean of Mission


Message from the Dean of Boarding

Dear Parents and Guardians, Last week I was in Townsville for a Boarding Symposium where Ms Sharpe and I visited three Boarding residences to explore …


Message from the Dean of Boarding

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week I was in Townsville for a Boarding Symposium where Ms Sharpe and I visited three Boarding residences to explore how the dorms are configured, with reflections from each of the Heads of Boarding as to what works well and the challenges that arise. This was very insightful as we are starting to discern what we will do over the next three to five years in recreating better spaces for our girls. I am hopeful at the beginning of next term to send out a survey to all our families to ask for your insights in-light of what your daughter has said to you about our house, and to also enquire about the expertise of our parents in these type of communal living spaces and the creation of them. We then went onto Charters Towers for the ICPA Queensland State Conference, where I was inspired at the lengths that parents will go to provide an education for their children while living in regional and remote areas of Queensland. The number of motions that were affirmed in asking for more support from State and Federal Government bodies was very insightful in relation to the needs of these families. I was very happy to meet more of our families at this event including Nikki Macqueen, Louise Martin and Patricia Mitchell an Alumnae of Stuartholme, Susie Bellingham and Casey Williams.  I am very interested to see how issues are taken further from the state level issues to the National ICPA gathering in August.

I am looking forward to meeting more of our Year 12 families at the Pre- Formal function at the school on Friday 21 June. Year 12 girls will conclude classes on Thursday 20 June at 3.00pm. I know that the Year 12 girls at the moment are in exam mode, but are certainly looking forward to this event, and I hope it will be one of their highlights of their time at Stuartholme.

Next week Year 11 are involved in several days of Leadership preparation, ‘To Lead is to Serve’ and having observed Year 11 this semester in the House, I am certain they will feature strongly through this discernment phase. The Year 11 girls are strong, independent, respectful, resourceful and competent young women whom I look forward to working with more over the next 18 months in continuing and evolving this Boarding House into the best it can be.

The Year 7 – 9 Parent Daughter Breakfast is on Friday 21 June from 7am, and I hope a number of our parents are available to attend. While classes conclude at 12pm if families are here earlier that day and want to get on the road to go home, we would certainly understand.

With the end of term almost here, some logistical information for boarder parents please:

  • Girls from Years 7-11 can only leave one bag plus a vacuum sealed bag of bedding, and a fan in storage at the school these holidays and bags cannot weigh over 21 kgs each.
  • End of term leave was due in by last Friday 7 June. We need to know how and when your daughter is being picked up on Friday 21 June. School ends at 12pm on this day for all students and the Boarding House is closed from 3pm.
  • If you want to pick your daughter up from school three or more days early, you are required to put in a Request for Extended Leave Form (available under Academic Services on My Stuartholme).
  • Boarders are required to be back at school on Monday 15 July, which is also a Parent/ Teacher interview day. Interviews are available from 10am to 8pm.

Finally, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this first Semester here at Stuartholme. The girls are an absolute blessing and bring such life and laughter to each and every day. While at times we have to have more serious conversations, I have found each and every member of the house very respectful of what is being asked of them and this absolutely helps us all to enjoy being in this space. I would also like to sincerely highlight the work of our Assistant Heads of Boarding, Melissa, Ellen and Catherine who consistently go above and beyond to ensure that your daughters have the best care provided for them. With the excellent team surrounding them creating a homely atmosphere, we have a wonderful house to come to each and every day.

Enjoy your holidays with your girl(s) and I certainly look forward to seeing them back on 15 July.

Blessings to you and your families,

Karen Davies
Dean of Boarding










Message from the Dean of Student Wellbeing

Building positive relationships One of the areas of my job I enjoy the most is working proactively with the girls to builds the skills required …


Message from the Dean of Student Wellbeing

Building positive relationships

One of the areas of my job I enjoy the most is working proactively with the girls to builds the skills required to assist them both now and in the future.

On Monday, I had the great pleasure of leading the Year 8 Cohort along with their Acting Leader of Student Wellbeing – Ms Pierina Curties, and their Teacher Mentors in a workshop aimed at developing their skills and knowledge to build positive relationships.

The girls enthusiastically participated in a process whereby we unpacked what it means to enact Stuartholme’s student positive expectations and responsibilities below.

The Teacher Mentors will continue to work with the girls in this space and build on the strategies we explored to build positive and respectful relationships.

Making the best of the holiday period

As the term wraps up and your daughter embarks on the holiday period, it is a great opportunity for her to recharge her batteries and relax.

Rather than leaving her to spend every waking moment on her phone and only engage in electronic devices, the Winter break provides the chance to unwind and enjoy some downtime free from technology.

Research shows that striking this balance is very important for her health and wellbeing. Spending significant amounts of time on technology has also been shown to reduce the naturally produced Melatonin levels in teenagers that helps them get quality sleep.

Exploring a range of different ways to relax

Challenge your daughter to try some activities that she normally would not do to help balance out the tendency to overuse technology and devices.

Some suggestions might include:

  • Exercising
  • Reading a good book
  • Spending time with the family
  • Doing craft
  • Playing music
  • Listening to music
  • Cooking
  • Being with nature
  • See a good movie
  • Spending time with friends in the outdoors
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Doing yoga or meditation
  • Cleaning up/ helping around the house

Deb Lonsdale-Walker
Dean of Student Wellbeing


  1. Branden, C. and Ivens, C. 2009. Thinking Skills for Peak performance. Macmillan: Melbourne.
  2. Hughes, S. 2018. Skip the Drama: practical get-ahead strategies to survive your daughter’s teenage years.  Exisle publishing.
  3. Haesler, D. 2018. Exploring Positive Psychology for Wellbeing. Symposium at St Peters Lutheran College.







Message from the Careers Counsellor

Hi everyone, It’s been wonderful to spend some time with Year 10 and 11 over the last couple of weeks, exploring careers, post-school study options, …


Message from the Careers Counsellor

Hi everyone,

It’s been wonderful to spend some time with Year 10 and 11 over the last couple of weeks, exploring careers, post-school study options, the future of work and transferable skills our students are already developing.

As the end of term approaches, there are lots of interesting opportunities becoming available. I’ve included some particularly exciting ones below. Please check these and the Careers Options Bulletin to see if there are experiences or events that you would like to attend to broaden your knowledge of different careers or study areas.

Warm regards,
Mr Lillyman

Careers Counsellor



UQ: Apply now for the UQ Young Scholars Program

UQ’s Young Scholars Program (YSP) provides high achieving secondary school students with an opportunity to discover, learn and engage with UQ’s academic community and like-minded students. Designed to nurture and develop future leaders, the Program also presents students with a unique opportunity for academic extension and enrichment. Applications close Friday 9 August 2019.

UQ: Pharmacy Experience Day – save the date

Pharmacy Experience Day, Sunday 18 August 2019, is an annual UQ showcase which invites students to discover where a Bachelor of Pharmacy can take them. Throughout the day you will take part in a range of hands-on laboratory activities, meet and quiz current students, and participate on a guided tour through the world class facilities.

UQ: Experience Science

Experience Science is an on-campus experience providing students in Years 10-12 the opportunity to discover what studying Science is like at UQ. With programs occurring across Friday 12 July – Thursday 18 July 2019, this free event is facilitated by experts from UQ and industry, and provides hands-on, interactive Science workshops. If you are interested speak to your Guidance Officer or Career Counsellor.

ACU: University Experience registrations now open

If you’re considering tertiary study for next year or in the future, University Experience provides the perfect chance to explore your study options by living a day in the life of an ACU student. It will be held from 9.30am – 1.45pm on 4 July 2019 in the school holidays. For more information and to register, visit the University Experience website.


ACU: Applications for the Community Achiever Program (CAP) for 2020 are now open

CAP at ACU (formerly Early Achievers’ Program [EAP]) considers the contribution you have made through your regular volunteer work in your community through involvement in social justice organisations, sporting, performance, cultural or religious groups. The Community Achievers’ Program can give you early entry into an ACU undergraduate degree seeing you receiving an offer as early as late August 2019. Visit the CAP website for more information.

Defence 2020 Gap Year closing soon

A gap year with the Airforce, Army or Navy is a great way to trial a career in the Defence Forces – and you get paid to do it! Most positions have already been filled. Visit the website for information about the program.


Le Cordon Bleu Australia 2020 Scholarships

Le Cordon Bleu is a culinary arts school with Australian campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.  The school offers the following degree courses:

  • B Business (Hotel Management)
  • B Business (Restaurant Management)
  • B Business (Tourism Management)
  • B Business (Convention & Event Management)
  • B Business (Food Entrepreneurship).

Scholarships of up to $30,000 each will be available to students commencing their studies in a degree program with Le Cordon Bleu. Details about the scholarships can be accessed from the website.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Co-op Scholarship Program

The UNSW Co-op Program is more than a scholarship. It is a scholarship that incorporates industry experience, leadership and professional development, networking and mentoring. It is available for high achieving students studying in the fields of business, technology, engineering and science, and building and construction. The scholarship is worth $19,600 per year for up to four or five years (depending on the course being studied). Applications are now open – visit their website for more information.

University of Queensland (UQ) Law LEAD Scholarship for disadvantaged students

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have experienced disrupted schooling can apply for the UQ TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship. The scholarship is valued at $8,000 per year for up to five years. In addition, recipients will be eligible for a support network through non-residential membership of a UQ College, a dedicated academic mentor, and priority access to internships and career planning assistance. They can also apply for the UQ Undergraduate Law Admission Scheme.

Crimson Education upcoming sports scholarship and US/UK information events

Crimson Education have four upcoming events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for students and parents who want to know more about the US/UK application process and learn more about getting recruited for US sports scholarships. The events are:

Both links have the promo code FREE, so that students and parents can attend these events for free when they follow the provided link.

Robertson Scholars Leadership Program Scholarships

Each year up to two Australian students are selected to complete a four-year undergraduate degree at Duke University or the University of North Carolina in the United States. The scholarship provides for full tuition fees, accommodation expenses and other costs associated with undertaking a degree abroad. Australian selections are organised through the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Visit the UNSW Scholarship website for details.


University school holiday tours

Explore your university options during the school holidays by taking a tour of the campus you are interested in:



Co-curricular News

Athletics Carnival On Thursday 6 June, we held our Inter House Athletics Carnival at UQ.  It was another lovely community day where the girls had …


Co-curricular News

Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 6 June, we held our Inter House Athletics Carnival at UQ.  It was another lovely community day where the girls had fun and participated enthusiastically.

Congratulations goes to Toohey who are the Champion house on the day. Well done to the Toohey girls and their House Captain Emma Cheel and Sport Vice Captain Patti Macqueen for all their work with the organisation of their House. Whilst they may not have taken home the silverware, their spirit, participation and cheering saw Macrae take out the Spirit Stick for the day.

For the third year we ran the annual 100m Champion race, which, for the third year running Georgia Rink secured in a brilliant race.

Thank you to all of House and Sport Captains for their efforts on the day, to the many students who assisted as helpers throughout the day and to all staff and coaches for the roles undertaken, both at the carnival and behind the scenes.

Broken Records

Ellen Gett Yr 10  Javelin 33.74m 23.43m
Jade Jones Yr 7 Triple Jump 7.96m 4.9m
Holly Robertson Yr 9 1500m 4:58.06 5:02.09
Holly Robertson Yr 9 800m 2:31.09 2:32.75
Georgia Rink Yr 10 100m 13.38 13.59
Samantha Snowden Yr 7 Long jump 4.66m 4.6m


Wednesday 12 June was the first round of the Junior Secondary QDU debating competition, meaning the first time our three Year 7 teams represented Stuartholme. All our students worked well in  supporting each other, forming logical arguments and pointing out the discrepancies in the oppositions case. This was done so effectively it convinced the adjudicator on all debates, with all three teams winning. Congratulations to all our Year 7 debaters and their coaches, this is a great start to the season. Particular thanks to Alice Cook (Year 11) who is a debating peer mentor for 7.3 and has been a great support.

With the Year 7 debating competition beginning, the Secondary QDU competition is entering finals. Stuartholme should have six teams through to preliminary finals, however we will have to wait for confirmation in early July. The final round of standard competition included some impressive short prep debating and winning margins, in particular from 11.1 (defeating Brigidine College by 7 points) and the Senior A team (defeating the Anglican Church Grammar School by 3 points). The adjudicator in the Senior A debate commented on the impressive nature of the speakers and their demonstration of progressive thinking. A final congratulations is to be extended to the members of 10.3 (Sophia Buller, Grace Deeran, Hannah Howard and Juliet Wynn) who are entering finals undefeated.

To those teams progressing to finals, the best of luck. To those who have now finished their season, thank you for representing Stuartholme with grace, wit and intelligence.

Future Problem Solvers

Our Stuartholme Year 10 Team spent a fantastic weekend at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) representing Australia at the International Future Problem Solving Conference, placing an impressive 20th out of 69 teams from around the world. We are very proud of this wonderful achievement. The International Conference was such a phenomenal, once in a lifetime experience for the girls and they feel incredibly privileged to have attended this competition and would like to thank all those who have assisted them along the way.

Uniforms and hats

I am pleased to advise that we have once again been able to access the services of a milliner who will re-block, clean and mend …


Uniforms and hats

I am pleased to advise that we have once again been able to access the services of a milliner who will re-block, clean and mend school hats.  If you ascertain that your daughter’s hat is in need of cleaning or repairs, please place it in a plastic shopping bag with your daughter’s name and class on the outside of the bag and have your daughter drop it into my office on either Wednesday 19 or Thursday 20 June.  Cost will be $25.00 and is to be placed into an envelope accompanying the hat.  If your hat needs a new trim as well, the cost is $35.00.  Hats that require further mending will be charged slightly more and the money will be collected once the hats are returned to school.  Hats will be ready for collection at the beginning of Term 3, 2019.

The holidays are also an opportune time to check school uniforms.  Many girls have had a growth spurt throughout the year and outgrown their current uniform or splits are starting to appear in the seams. Your assistance in checking your daughter’s uniform would be much appreciated.  A reminder that the formal day uniform should be worn just below the knee.  Thank you in anticipation of your attention to these matters.

Deb Lonsdale-Walker
Dean of Student Wellbeing

Science Snippets

This week the Year 7 Science classes ventured out into the field to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, observing abiotic and biotic factors in the …


Science Snippets

This week the Year 7 Science classes ventured out into the field to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, observing abiotic and biotic factors in the gardens around the main lagoon and in the arid zone.

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha are recognised as Queensland’s premier subtropical botanic gardens. Founded in 1970, these 52-hectare gardens feature more than 20,000 plants representing approximately 5000 species from around the world (Brisbane City Council, 2014). It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to put into action their classroom learning from their unit of study “Living in a Connected World”.

Upcoming opportunities:

Are you a keen writer? Interested in contemporary science and technology issues? This is the competition for you.

UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing 2019
We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. We’re living in a new era where pioneering technologies are altering every aspect of life. Scientists are issuing dire warnings about climate change, machine technology is redefining the workforce and diseases like Alzheimer’s are on the rise as we face an ageing population. You need to identify and discuss a problem in the world that has yet to be solved by contemporary science and technology. In 800 words or less your essay could consist of:
• A news story on the state of medical technology around the world
• An investigation into how science and technology is developed, from funding to sales
• An essay on an unsolved issue that is personally important to you
Applications are open now and close on 27 August 2019. For more information and to see what prizes are available visit the UNSW Bragg Student Prize website.

UQ Experience Science (12, 16, 17, 18 July)
Experience Science provides students in Years 10-12 the opportunity to discover what studying science is like at UQ and how science is applied in industry and everyday life. It is free to attend. Preview the experience.

Kind regards,
Ms Wendy Macdonald (Leader of Learning – Science)

DanDaLion – An All Abilities Journey to Charleville.

It’s not a race, it’s an experience! Register to comple a 500 metre course as a community around Rocks Riverside Park, adding up to a …


DanDaLion – An All Abilities Journey to Charleville.

It’s not a race, it’s an experience! Register to comple a 500 metre course as a community around Rocks Riverside Park, adding up to a collective ‘virtual’ journey of 733 km to Charleville – our Centenary suburbs outback support town. Given DanDaLIon’s ethos this event will raise funds jointly for the Charleville Special Needs Support Group and our friends at Special Olympics Cricket.

In bringing the community together for this event we want to celebrate inclusion and diversity in an active, fun and family friendly way with jumping castle, face painting, sausage sizzle, plus other surprises on the journey.

Supported by the wonderful 4074 business and service community, now is the time to get your team together and register to contribute laps and support on the All Abilities Journey to Charleville.

REGISTER your team, family or as an individual at
$5 per person entry. Info and payment details on registration form.

St Ignatius Parish’s Annual Women’s Night of Spirituality


St Ignatius Parish’s Annual Women’s Night of Spirituality