Invitation to join the P&F

Dear Stuartholme families,

On behalf of the P&F Committee we would like to extend a warm welcome and encourage you to join our wonderful Committee.

We are a group of vibrant and dedicated parents who help contribute to our girls learning experience at Stuartholme through fundraising, organising social events, and being parent representatives of our girls year groups.

2016 was a dynamic and exciting year in which the P&F were able to contribute funds to erect the shade structures for the girls – a wonderful achievement on behalf of the parent body.

If you wish to be involved please contact your P&F class representative or feel free to email us at p&

We are happy to answer any questions/queries you may have!

The next P&F meeting, which includes the AGM is on Monday 27 February at 7pm in the Boardroom.


P&F Executive