Honour Pockets and blazer embroidery

As we approach the end of Term 4 some of the co-curricular activities are drawing, or have drawn to a close. This is now the time girls can apply to receive lines on their blazer in recognition of their achievements. It is also the time students can receive honour pockets for their academic achievements.

The criterion used in awarding honour pockets is available on the student and parent portals under ‘Student Information’ and within ‘School Procedures’.  Students need to refer to this before completing their application form.  Application forms have been emailed to students along with a copy of the Stuartholme Pocket Criteria 2015 (May).

Application forms are to be completed, including the signature of the teacher in charge, and handed to Mrs Johnson by 9.00am Monday 21 November.    Students are to ensure that their blazer is clean, is named and is handed to Mrs Johnson by 9.00am Tuesday 22 November so that the embroidery can be completed promptly and returned to the girls early in Term One 2017.  The girls will then be able to collect their blazers from Mrs Johnson when advised.