Hat Cleaning Service

A large number of hats are quite dirty or marked at the moment. We have once again accessed the services of a milliner who will re-block and clean school hats.

Can you please check your daughter’s hat and if it needs cleaning, please place it in a plastic shopping bag with her name and class on the outside of the bag. Hats need to be taken to the Student Wellbeing office on either Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 June 2017.

Cost is $22.00 and is to be placed into an envelope accompanying the hat. If your hat needs a new trim as well the cost is $5, making the total $27.00. Hats that require further mending will be charged slightly more and the money will be collected once the hats are returned to school. Hats will be ready for collection at the beginning of Term 3.

Andrea Reddan
Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing