From the Deputy Principal Learning

We are in the final weeks of Term 3 and students are finalising assessment across all subjects. Year 12 students sat the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test over two days last week. This test is for academic achievement, and all OP eligible students completed four papers. A writing task, which was an ‘extended written paper’ – where students selected stimulus provided on the paper and write any genre (except poetry) to the theme ‘seeing things’. Student responses were diverse, drawing on their studies of Shakespeare, Philosophy, Scientific and Geographic investigations that they had studied in classes. The other three papers; ‘Multiple Choice I’, ‘Multiple Choice II’ and ’Short Response’ tested student’s abilities in problem solving qualitative and quantitative questions. The students were well prepared for the exams and stated that they were happy with the writing task stimulus and found the other papers challenging. The students approached the test confidently and teachers commented on their dedication to the training and their focus on the day.

This week senior teachers are busy grading and cross-marking assessment items and preparing verification folios for the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) expert panels. Stuartholme has subject experts on many of the panels in Brisbane Central, who will take part in verifying the sample folios to ensure comparability across school in this sector. The high level of representation of Stuartholme senior teachers on district and state panels reflects the school’s and teacher’s commitment to excellence, co-operation with the QCAA and fosters collaborative discussions with other subject experts across our district.

As the term closes please ensure that your daughters get adequate sleep and nourishment for the assessment blocks and encourage them to maintain a systematic approach to exam preparations.

Ken Turnbull

Deputy Principal Learning