Free App gives access to our ebooks and audiobooks

As a complement to our extensive print collections, the Stuartholme Library offers students access to both non-fiction and fiction ebooks and audiobooks.

OverDrive and Wheelers are the two main platforms that allow students to access our ebook and audiobook collections.  Both have an App that can be downloaded onto laptops, iPads, Android tablets and smart phones.  These Apps are free and can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Google Play and the App Store.

Over the next few weeks we will be asking students in Years 7-10 to bring their smart phone, iPad or Android tablet to their reading class – if they wish.  During the lesson, they can download the App, link it to our library and become familiar with how to use it.

Students can also download both the Apps at home before the lesson.   They will also download it onto their school laptop.  Accessing ebooks and audiobooks on mobile devices provides the girls with more opportunities to read and listen.  For example, they can listen to an audiobook while travelling or at times when they have to wait.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact me via email

Liz Skinner
Library and Information Services Director