Erskine Cup

Our students have always been strong speakers. Evidence can be found in many places – in the grounds at lunch time, in the high quality spoken assessment pieces the students present, in our Debating teams’ successes, and most recently at the Erskine Cup, Stuartholme’s Senior Public Speaking Competition.

Every year nominees are given a theme or a quote from which to work. This year ‘Flourish’ was chosen, mirroring the theme attached to our 2016 Focus Goal, ‘Intellectual Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom’.

On Monday 29 August, four highly talented students from Year 10, 11 and 12 spoke in front of staff and their peers and were judged by Ms Karen Schmidt, a well-respected public speaker and business consultant.

Georgia Perissinotto (Year 10) spoke to the topic, ‘In Order to Flourish You Need to Work Hard’, and developed beautiful images through gardening metaphors.

Lauren Gunther (Year 10) delivered a strong message and a call to action with her speech entitled, ‘Flourish: The Power of Belief’.

Sarah Long (Year 11) also gave a thought-provoking and, at times, gently humorous speech challenging our ‘Fear to Flourish’.

Genevieve Groves (Year 12) began with a controversial title, ‘We Don’t Need Feminism in Australia Today’, and had many important things to say about young women and socio-cultural expectations and norms.

At the end of the speeches, Ms Schmidt commented on how impressed she was by the girls’ confidence, thoughtfulness and skill. Staff and students definitely agreed that all speakers had done themselves proud.

After much deliberation, the Erskine Cup for 2016 was awarded to Lauren Gunther. Congratulations to Lauren and all the speakers – you certainly set the bar high for future competitions. I thank you most sincerely for your participation.

I look forward to seeing many more students showing strong self-belief, fighting the fear and flourishing in our Erskine Cup competition for 2017.

Shannon Lacey.