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Twenty riders competed at the annual South East Queensland Regional event over the three days of competition in May. The Beaudesert showgrounds benefited from the flooding after Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie passed and was in good condition.

The team were a credit to themselves, their parents and the School as they rode very professionally, were extremely well presented both on and off their horses, showed tremendous cohesion and spirit during competition and at the nightly discipline awards. Congratulations to you all.

We had some inspiring results from all riders as individuals and for the team awards. Our coaches were again instrumental in keeping the riders in the correct frame of mind for everything they had to do in their specific individual preparations, warm up and competitions. Sincere thanks to Lesley, Katrina and Mel – who flew back especially after competing in Sydney to be with the team. Their combined expertise is an enormous asset to the progress that all the riders are making. I would also like to thank Lil Ballard and Madison Searle for all their help with the riders.

A very special thank you to Michelle Beatty who took on the role of Showman Convenor on the SEQ committee this year. This can be a daunting task, but she did a very good job and it is very much appreciated. Katie Bickford joined the ranks, very ably assisting Michelle in Sharon Bakers absence.  Thank you also to Lorelle Murphy, an ex- Equestrian parent, for assisting with the convening of the Show Jumping event. A huge thank you to all the parents who did all their helpers duties so efficiently as usual.

Sincere congratulations to all the riders for their contribution to the announcement on Monday afternoon that Stuartholme School is South East Queensland Champion School for 2017!

This award is a credit to each rider and their individual results and personal achievements as everyone’s results count towards the points for the Overall Champion School Trophy.

The Overall Team positions are collated on each school’s top four rider’s results per discipline :-

Dressage Champion School– Shannon Owens, Isabelle Gilley, Aalia Luchetta, Georgia Rink.

Show Jumping Champion School – Emily Rink, Piper Searle,  Abby Munro, Clare Munro.

Combined Training Reserve Champion School – Isabelle Gilley, Piper Searle, Aalia Luchetta,  Bella Anthony.

Individual Results – Some of the discipline classes had 32 riders so all our riders have achieved very good results.

KEY= Dress = Dressage / CT = Combined Training / SM = Showman /SH = Show Horse / S J = Show Jumping; Pre = Preliminary / Nov = Novice / Elem= Elementary.

Shannon Owens- Champion Dressage RWD.

Issie Gilley – Reserve Champion C T 95cms, Overall 3rd Sec Sen Nov Dress, Sec 90cms SJ 15th.

Emily Rink – Overall 3rd and 4th 120 S J.

Julia Rathie- Overall 21st CT 95cms, Overall 21st, Overall 17th Dress Sec Prelim.

Emily Ballard – Overall 6th/11th  Elem Dress; 1st place Elem 3.2 Test; Overall 9th CT Sec 90cms,

Emma Bickford- Overall 11th Sec 80cms SJ; Overall 19th Sec SJ 90cms.

Olivia Mc Swan- Overall 10th Elem Dress; 1st place Elem Dress 3.3 Test.

Phoebe Menzies – Overall 12th CT 95cms; Overall 15th Sec Prelim Dress.

Remy Conescu – Overall 8th CT 80cms; Overall 16th CT 60cms; Overall 7th SJ 70cms; Overall 13th Sec Prelim Dress

Piper Searle – Champion S J 100cms and 90cms; Overall 4th Sec Nov Dress; Overall 6th Sec Prelim Dress; overall 4th /14th 90cms C T.

Zoe Henderson – Overall 3rd SM 4 phase 45 cms.

Skye Baldock – Overall 9th Inter Nov Dress/ 1st place Nov 2.2 test ; Overall 11th CT 60cms;

Grace Beatty- Overall 6th SM phase 4 60cms; Overall 13th CT 80cms; Overall 8th SJ 80cms; Overall 16th Sec Inter Prelim Dress.

Aalia Luchetta – Reserve Champion Elem Dress; Overall 4th CT 60cms; Overall 11th SJ 90cms.

Bella Anthony – Overall 3rd / 10th CT 95cms; Overall 3rd Inter Nov Dress; Overall 4th Inter Prelim Dress; Overall 8th/ 13th Sec SJ 90cms.

Abby Munro – Overall 4th SJ 70cms; Overall 13th Sec CT 60cms.

Georgia Rink- Champion Inter Nov Dress; Overall 10th Sec Inter Prelim Dress; Overall 11th Sec 110 SJ; Overall 21st Sec SJ 100cms.

Ellie Turnbull- Overall 7th CT 95cms; Overall 10th Sec SJ 100cms/ Sec Inter Nov Dress.

Claire Abercrombie-  Res Champion Sec S Hunter; overall 8th Sec SM Phase 3.

Clare Munro- Overall 6th SJ 80cms.

Congratulations to all our riders on a job very well done.

Anna Startosta
Equestrian Coordinator


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