Enterprise Education winners

In Term 2 the year 10 Enterprise Education students were given the opportunity to submit their class assignment into the Plan Your Own Enterprise (PYOE) competition run by Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia. This competition provided a unique opportunity for secondary students to gain insight into the business world and explore solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurs when planning their own enterprise.

My business partner, Chloe Venus, and I created an enterprise called ‘Little Lifesaver’ with the primary aim of preventing child drowning in Australia. Over two months Chloe and I constructed our business plan by choosing the most effective promotional, financial and production strategies for our business, then analysing its feasibility. After finalising our plan Chloe and I sent it off to the PYOE judges.

We thought that we may have seen the last of our report until I received an unexpected phone call during the September holidays from CPA Australia.  They informed me that we had been awarded 2nd place. As a result, Chloe and I found ourselves on the 29th floor of the CPA building last Friday evening receiving our PYOE Award.

By participating in this competition we have had the opportunity to explore the business realm and gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and the various functions of a business. This assignment was an amazing opportunity that we would encourage any budding entrepreneur to grasp, as the skills obtained from applying business education in the real world are invaluable. For Chloe and I, this assignment and resultant award really showed us that  determination and hard work definitely pays off.

Sithara-Anne French, Year 10