Elizabeth Wilson School of Deportment and Grooming

Personal style workshops are running for girls in Years 7 to 12.

Workshops run on Monday afternoons from 3.20pm to 5.45pm at Stuartholme.

Dates: October 10, 24 and 31 and November 7 and 14.
Cost: $190. On conclusion a diploma will be presented to each student.

Notes emailed after each lesson. All products used in class are supplied.

Subjects covered:

  • Top to toe grooming: Girls are taught to improve their overall appearance and appreciate that the way they project themselves to others does matter.
  • Make up: An individual make-up will be done in class and each girl will be shown how to apply products correctly. New looks for 2017 also discussed and shown.
  • Skin care: A skin care procedure is done in class for each student, using La Roche Posay products.
  • Nail care: Manicure done in class for each student.
  • Hair care: Knowledge of hair care, products, equipment and styling techniques all taught.
  • Deportment: Correct method shown for sitting, standing and walking.  Each girl is individually assessed and advised how to stand tall and have good posture.
  • Etiquette/table manners: Guidelines to follow on all occasions for all walks of life.
  • Job interviewing: What to wear, manners, questions you will be asked etc.
  • Graduation: On the last evening, there will be a presentation of the students for their family and friends.

Students will need two outfits from their own wardrobe (casual and good wear). These do not have to be new outfits.

Bookings required by Friday 26 August. Click here for the booking form. For any enquiries, please call 07 5543 1149 or 0429 728 014.