Debating News

My name is Ms Alexandra Cashin and I am honoured to have been appointed as the new Debating Coordinator at Stuartholme.  Those of you who are already a part of the Stuartholme Debating Community will have received a letter from me this week about how I intend to move our program forward.  I am writing this for the newsletter this week to access the whole Stuartholme community in order to encourage wider involvement from students who may not have debated in the past.

Next Term we will begin the process of selecting teams for 2017.  This will enable me to get to know the debaters and their skills as well as assist with the organisation of an activity that begins very quickly at the start of the school year.

I would like to encourage all students to get involved in this process, even if you have not debated before as debating offers some incredibly valuable life-long skills.  Beginning debating or continuing with debating provides students with the ability to speak confidently with little preparation, convince an audience of a proposition and engages students with topical local, national and global issues.  These skills are so valuable in a classroom setting during their schooling careers but are also transferrable into the wider world of university and employment.

Important dates for next term include:

2017 Trial process for students currently in Years 10-11

Monday 24 – Friday 28 October (Week 13)

2017 Team selection process for students currently in Years 7-9

Yr 7 into Yr 8 workshop on Wednesday 16 November (Week 16)

Yr 8 into Yr 9 workshop on Tuesday 15 November (Week 16)

Yr 9 into 10 workshop on Thursday 10 November (Week 15)

All of these sessions will occur after school and times and locations will be advertised early next Term.  A sign up for the trial or team selection process will shortly open on the portal.  If you have any questions about the debating program please contact me at Stuartholme via email


Ms Alex Cashin