Cor Unum Committee theme for 2017

The Sacred Heart Goal that we as a school community are focusing on this year is Goal 1, ‘To have an active and personal faith in God’.
To help integrate this Goal into a day-to-day setting, the Cor Unum Committee and I really wanted to create a theme that would allow us to do this.
After attending leadership conferences over the holidays, we came together as a group and came up with the theme for 2017, EGGS.
EGGS stands for: Energy, Greatness, Gratitude and Selflessness.
Energy can be demonstrated through getting involved in different sporting and cultural events throughout the year and participating to the best of your ability. Having energy and being proactive and participating will help everyone along the path achieve greatness.
Achieving greatness means something different to everyone.
Greatness is unique to each individual as everyone has their own personal strengths and passions that drive them to do great things.
Gratitude can be shown in a small or a big way. It can be as simple as saying “thank you” to the server at the cafe or maybe writing someone a letter, highlighting all the reasons why you admire them.
Finally, selflessness. To be selfless means to give yourself and your services entirely to others without expecting any sort of praise or favour in return. Stuartholme offers countless opportunities to be both selfless in our actions and to help others within our community through our Social Justice Program. Students and staff alike have the opportunity to participate in and learn from programs such as the Yeronga Homework Club, Orange Sky Laundry and SONY Camp just to name a few.
Each week in the Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) meeting, students come together and discuss different world problems and how we can make an impact and educate others within our school community. EGGS encompasses all that we would like to achieve in 2017 and we are so incredibly excited.
Bring on 2017! “Have you had your EGGS today?!”

Lucy Lloyd-Morgan, Year 12
Cor Unum Head 2017

Click here to view the video the Cor Unum Committee presented to the School. (This link will take you to the Parent Portal).