Co-curricula Excellence Awards – Celebration of Excellence

This year, as part of the ever expanding co-curricula programme at the school, we are wishing to continue with an award which was introduced at the Celebration of Excellence in 2011.  The award acknowledges students who have excelled in their chosen field of expertise. The award will be for achieving excellence at an International level in a co-curricula activity.

The awardees will be acknowledged at the Celebration of Excellence on Wednesday 26 October.

The girls are requested to submit an application for this award to me.  The application should include all international experience. For example:

  • represented Australia in Debating
  • represented Australia at the World Springboard Diving Championships
  • received a world ranking in Junior Table Tennis

All applications need to be submitted with appropriate documentation by Monday 17 October at 5pm. 

As the pool of talent within our community grows and expands into many and varied arenas, we are excited about the prospect of acknowledging a number of students now and into the future through this award.

Nicola Johnson

Deputy Principal – Staff Wellbeing and Administration