Co-curricula Art Activities

Art Club welcomes students from all year levels and with all levels of ability.  It is an opportunity to enjoy art activities that can bring out the creative artist within you and enjoy learning new skills.  The projects are simple, fun and founded on a serious intent to develop the artist within.

The sessions will be taken by Pierina Curties who holds a Master of Visual Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.  Ms Curties has also studied and taught Photography and silversmithing.  She teaches in the Visual Art Department at Stuartholme.

Art Club will be held over 3 Terms on Friday afternoons from 3.20-4.20pm.  Details are as follows:

  1. Term 2: 6 weeks, 21 April to 26 May         Cost:  $60.00

Creating Simple Jewellery from Recycled and Natural Materials

 Term 3: 6 weeks, 21 July to 25 August      Cost:  $60.00

Improve your Composition Skills

 Term 4: 4 weeks, 6 October to 27 October  Cost:  $40.00

‘Harry Potter’ Craft      

For further information and to sign-on, go to the school Portal and select Co-Curricula Activities then click on Art, or simply click here.