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Win a Surface Pro! (Year 12)

If you log into your Learning Account by 31 August you go into the draw to win a Surface Pro computer. Your LUI number is printed on your QTAC Guide. You will also need your Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) number to complete your QTAC application. While you are logged into your Learning Account, check that all your school subjects and vocational courses are recorded correctly and that you are progressing towards a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) and/or OP (Overall Position).

Not sure what to do when you finish School?

The website enables you to build a Career Profile by participating in a series of questionnaires. The Career Profile then suggests occupations based on your responses to the questions. You can save these occupations to your favourites and then carry out further research (by selecting the occupation) to learn more about occupation tasks, job prospects and educational requirements. You are required to sign up to this free website, and then select the My Career Profile tile.

USQ Early round scholarships (up to $12,000) – closing today! (Year 12)

The University of Southern Queensland is offering 50 scholarships to Year 12 students while completing high school in 2016. The two scholarships have different benefits, for different types of students – and they are offered before you get your OP! Click here for more information

Careers in Music

The Australian Guide to Careers in Music can be downloaded from the Music Career wiki at  This resource has descriptions for over 150 career options, from areas such as Composition, Performance, Production, Instrument Making and many more!

Information article: 7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience

Writing your very first resume can be a daunting process. Read these seven steps to help you get started!

Need help ordering your QTAC preferences? (Year 12)

Watch this 90 second QTAC video to learn how to order your preferences.

University scholarships (Year 12)

There are university scholarships available for a range of categories, e.g. academic achievement, sporting excellence, community contribution, low-income and many more. Scholarships differ between tertiary institutions. Visit the Australia Universities website to locate the scholarships available at the institution you are interested in applying for. Or Google ‘Scholarships at [insert tertiary institution you are interested in studying at]’.

Careers resources

Want to learn more about the courses on offer at universities? Academic and Student Services has a range of brochures and resources for your to peruse.

Applying for a job?

Read the 40+ Interview Tips (The Ultimate Guide) to help you prepare for your interview.

Information article: Tips for balancing life and study

This article is written for university students; however, the same principles apply to you. Click HERE to read more.